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SCAM - Rewardtable -
  • We do not sell anything! Only thing that you can buy here is place at the table that guarantees 7 times bigger return.
  • No limit!  All participants have the opportunity to participate in an unlimited number of tables.
  • There is no subscriptions. There are no monthly reorders or any other type of subscriptions!
  • Multi level marketing. This platform is based on MLM principles what mean that there is no risk of stop or any loss.
  • Teamwork. Everyone that have purchased table position work together to fill the orders in a common table. Teamwork here really takes shape.
  • Payments any time. All outgoing payments are processed in timeframe from few minutes till one hour.
Investment plans:
if you invest 0.001฿, closing table generates 0.007฿ (wait for 7 investors), profit multiplier: 7x | no direct referrals are necessary, but this is the best way
min. investment 0.001฿

Accepted e-wallets: 

Type of withdrawals:
manual, within an hour
min. withdrawal: 0.001฿

Referral system: 10%

Active investment:
12/3/2017 11:40:54am
0.01070000 BTC
Address: 12dLxq2Dxv9F2iHEqr2FgxNgYTvWwpnxAJ
TX ID: 63b7ff5502d57e9ac15e733cff0c5d09fcf5b24729ed258de7ce79648c28a506

[Image: 728x90.gif]
Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
Please note, there are 3 table to join, so if you will bring new investors tell them which table you joined, because you will get just referral commissions if they join another type of table. The table won't generate profit, so you will be forced to wait longer - weeks maybe? or even longer, because I guess the number of empty seats will grow exponentially with number of new investors. So, do not lose your direct referrals, teach them first!
HI, I m not sure if I understand well this game. I buy a position and wait untill it fills up (I ask that, because I do not have referrals. Other guestion, some people paid not with bitcoin , how is that possible??
If you wont have any referral, the game can be very long for you, because there will be many investors like you - without referrals. Direct referrals are linked to uplines, so just those investors will be available for people like you, who do not have upline. This is why I do not recommend this game for you, but the lowest investment is not too high, so if you like playing and you have time to wait one month for example, then you can try.
I recommend to read the RCB rules - mainly BTC related info to understand how the things work.
Last check for this program: Monday, 25 December 2017

Status is changed to

Please be careful with new invests


Regards from the building site Smile
No positive changes. Moved to scam.

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