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Cryptoxchanger -
CryptoXchanger is not an ordinary cryptocurrency exchange. It is a modern, well-designed platform that, besides buying cryptocurrencies, offers excellent opportunities for their customers to earn some money. We do not want to stay behind the others, and that is why we continuously develop. We've already introduced innovations like bonuses in our coin EXCC, but it is just the beginning. The current investing model is only the first step of our journey. Along with the investment platform, we announced an ICO that offers additional opportunities to multiply your income. Explore our site, enjoy and earn with us.

Investment plans:
floating daily interest rate till you reach 150% 

Accepted e-wallets:
deposits via many coins, but withdrawals can be done just to BTC!

Type of withdrawals: instant
min. wd 0.001BTC

Referral system:
basic investors: 7-2-1%
"partners" without definition: 10-5-2-1%
Active investment:
11/10/2017 10:53:55am
0.20020000 BTC
Address: 1BscLGFceLsZiHdFpwwos7jm7bkGgqJyYg
TX ID: 319dea09ae02985914b41c4d84f9f225b859f81e464fce4ab5bc82cd30961e7c

[Image: 17]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:[email protected]
It seems the admin got enough new btc investments and decided to close this opportunity - attachment.   
At the moment just the internal currency - EXCC is available where you can invest.

By the way I got paid instantly:

A deposit of 0.03522000 BTC has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet. The deposit was received with transaction ID e1d4e009d4701bb5c08ff84e9244da6a2435f1c336c4293104997f1f1031daff.

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Instant withdrawal:

A deposit of 0.05499000 BTC has been received and confirmed. The deposit was received on 1G9KvKsKquhzAU9Nk5dr1hBMtQ5G8PHJqN with transaction ID ddde19b9fb61b497ebaaed2bae7a362b077c946c5ffec6fb3aef73c76bcae9e7.
Finally, I am in profit. It was very good choice to join this project.

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Thumbs up for admin even I earned 146% ROI instead 150%.
So I can say that I earned nearly 0.1BTC (~1900$)

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