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Carbon7-reborn - the old admin? Or not. What is his goal?
Hello friends. Smile

2 days ago a program have opened the door, it names Carbon7-reborn.

Now all ask: It is the old admin or not. 
Why he open a reborn and not a new program. 
And why he tell overall that he are the same old admin. 
What is his goal, what his intendsion?

We all remember to his last programs Rapidincome and Passiveloan, a horrible run.
After the desaster of Rapidincome all would give a new chance to the admin (and hope for own profit). 

And what he do here? Make a listing in ISA, claim our deposits and 3 days later he close the program. 
We have make the admin happy, but we weerre happy? NO.
And the admin have loss ALL his reputation from the previous succesfuklly programs. 

Now he start with a carbon7-reborn.... What is his intension? Should we forget, thast we all have make loss in passiveloan? 
Hope he, thast out greed let us forget his last Programs?

Quote from ISA chat:

Quote:kangkzm: is carbon7 back?

Quote:baupaid: The question is not, is he back or not?
The question is: What is the purpose of the Admin when he "reheats" an old page?
Does he hope that the users forget the disaster with Rapid and PL?
And that the user remember the old times and once again invest unsummums, hoping for good profit?

Quote:baupaid: And overall he tell, that he is the real Admkin... use the same PM-Account, the same Script. What shit this should?
I think, only the goal, that the users spent money him again.
He forget: Big inflow in the first days must be handle good for a good site development..
And what if the users have learned the lesson from PL and Rapid and invest only in the 10-days-plan, go out after 20 days? Then he get a problem with the money reserves.
Sure, he have set the withdrawal fee to 7%, so after the 10-days-plan the real Profit is 2,3% for the 10 days only / or 0,23% daily. This 7% withdraw fee is a goiod argument that the users reinvest from the balance and dont put out the money.
But the users are not idiots. And otherwise the basic RefCom is 7% too and the monitors pay more as 100%.

Quote:Londonhyip: @baupaid well isa can help us if he listin carbon7 here with insurance. insurance always is help for doubt
Quote:baupaid: @Londonhyip I will not hear the word "insurance" in tis case. Earlier it was a bonus only, today the admins use it as a pure advertising instrument. And if the inflow from an insured monitor is higher as the insurance, so the program admkin have reached his goal.
Quote:carlogiordano: example of insurance: one monitor had almost 100k of deposits of his referrals, and he gave 10k of insurance. reasonable to invest because of insurance?
Quote:Ecoboost: @baupaid yeah, good points, but if he is serious about keeping the program paying for a longer time then it should be no concern that his pm wallet is the same, it can work for the good too. Anyways, time will tell if the strategy works or not
Quote:baupaid: @Ecoboost An other option is possible.: The origim´nal admin have sell the script, the database and the complete accounts to a new owner, why he know that he have lost his reputation. And this new owner now start an advertising campaign with the "info" about the old program, that it is back. We know that a market for selling Scripts exist in the market, and for a handmade unique scriopt and with a success story of the programm or a long runtime of the site horrible sum,s was paid.

I have copied a part from the ISA chat to here in the forum.

Guys, what is your opinion about the "reborn" and the admins intension?

The admin is having almost zero expenses, so it is the cheapest way how to earn money again - but not for investors.
By the way I do not care who is the admin and wont spend my time with it. I rather trade or invest in a sleeper than choosing this scam.
I checked the hired monitors, do not see high interest from investors, so there can be still 2 scenarios:
1) the admin must wait for better inflow (will it happen?), meanwhile the early investors can earn
2) it will stop paying after first cycle when the admin realizes the low reinvest rate which is typical for this season...

In all cases I think the "reborn" is quite risky, but what to do... all we are gamblers Wink Big Grin
So the game is definitely over, but it was clear last Friday. Early birds were able to make some profit, but the rest did not reach the break even point.
This admin is no more legendary mainly because other admins are able to manage hyips longer - check Bandeira for example, unbelievable lifetime, but even most of sleepers are having longer lifetime. Of course we can't compare the inflow in sleepers and C7r, but that is important just for admin, all we are watching our pockets - so the lifetime is the most important factor for us.
I am sure the admin thought he can repeat that success one more time - but with same project? (ok, the domain name is longer) and in such market circumstances?
No, he can't do miracle, just like most admins.
I never saw and still do not see any potential in copycat projects and C7r just confirmed it. Hope you agree.

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