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SCAM - New Age Bank –
New Age Bank –
Lifetime: Online since February 27th, 2017
New Age Bank is a startup of new generation. We are the No. 1 Bitcoin bank and we create the new standards of investment and earnings on the basis of using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Providing credit lines to clients in BTC currency, we expand the opportunity to earn on credit.
Giving to investors an opportunity to purchase Deposit Cards by using the safe Bitcoin transactions, we increase capitalization of our bank, pay investors high interest, increase the level of capitalization of funds and give opportunities for further growth and development.
New Age Bank generates profit by the same methods as any other commercial, non-government bank of the world does. Using deposit funds of investors, we finance various credit lines. Investors take interest in placing deposits, and we get interested in providing credit lines.
Investment plans: 200% Deposit Cards
At the moment all Deposit Cards bring to its owners 200% from the amount which they have paid for them. But the most important difference consists in validity period of this or that Deposit Card. The more expensive your Deposit Card is, the quicker your profit will reach the value of 200%. Principal is included in the profit.
New Age: On the New Age Deposit Cards, the charges of profit are performed every second from 23 to 30 calendar days and the general nominal amount of a passive income will equal to 200% from the purchase amount. Minimum deposit: 0.005 BTC, maximum deposit: 10 BTC
FAQ: May I purchase several Deposit Cards at the same time? Yes. The number of Deposit Cards which you can purchase is unrestricted both by the face value and by the quantity. For updates and detailed information about the program visit the website and check the following sections: Reviews and News. In addition to online support per live chat, you can use support hotline or call center for further inquiries: +442070433810 (added on April 1st 2017). Time schedule of hotline: from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM GMT. I have already tested both live chat and support hotline successfully.
Accepted e-wallets:
Only Bitcoin payment system is accepted
Type of withdrawals:
Withdrawals are processed instantly without fees. Minimum amount for withdrawal: 0.00015 BTC
Referral system:
10% referral commission
Active investments:
03.04.2017: 0.1 BTC
03.04.2017: 0.1 BTC
Clear link:
Join with my referral link:

50% RCB for new investors!
05-Apr-2017: New Deposit Cards have been added


"Dear visitors and clients of the bank! NAB would like to inform you that the design of the company’s site is completely changed.
Together with that the new design is more attractive beyond question, our new site receives new advantages as well! New technological developments bring up the usability of the site to a new level and make all the components and system sections intuitively obvious."

For more details regarding recent updates visit the website!
Received 0.007 BTC
from New Age Bank
Status : Complete
Received at 04/09/2017 11:53 pm
Tx ID : 39d7aa57e72f728376fb634fae9076bbac1d1a913ffedb4d7cb0403a0c9fbd8e
11-Apr-2017: Good news for new investors!


"Dear clients of bank!

And one more time the long-awaited and, beyond all doubt, - excellent news!

Due to the fact that we are in process of global revision of approaches to customer service, and also in connection with the company expansion and increasing the New Age Bank worldwide too, we have decided to start the work again of the Free Deposit Card!

Now everyone who has made a registration on our website will be able to seize the unique opportunity of receiving profit absolutely free of charge!

Only a new client of the bank can get a free card.

As you see, we don't stop development and we apply only the best methods to evolution and progress of mutual cooperation.

Use all chance which we give you and your future will be prosperous and happy!
Yours faithfully, NAB team, the No. 1 bitcoin bank."

50% RCB Offer: You can make a request for 50% RCB if you join New Age Bank with my referral link  Smile
Attention: All withdrawals are pending since today (April 14th, 2017). I strongly advise not to invest there anymore until they start paying again!
The game is over. The monitors go to RED

Last check for this Program: Sunday, 16 April 2017

Program status is NOT PAYING

Do NOT invest there now.

Moved to section Scams & Closed Programs


Regards from the building site Smile

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