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Declined projects wanted to buy a listing here, but the admin wasn't concrete, so I explained that he can buy normal listing anytime, but insured listings require insurance and some questions from me. ...silent... - it underlines the qualities of admin, do you agree?
Reply - finally after a communication fail the admin decided to buy normal listing and maybe it will be upgraded in the future.
I have no reason at all to decline hyips nowadays thanks to listing section Growing Seeds. Here hyips are getting low profile at starting stage.
...but here is the first project which I must decline:
I like if the admin is creative and if it is combined with retro/old school elements, but making money on masks nowadays is not fair business at all.
I declined it even if the admin promised to stay for several months. In the end he said: "Demend/supply speculation, Free market , capitalism"
Thanks god that I can have my own opinion in my own business and still not needed to accept every project with low moral credit.
Reply wanted to buy R5 listing, but I told that it has just one e-wallet and R5 requires 3. Also, my 6th sense said that it is rather hot project than safe - no answer from admin, rather he deleted the whole conversation in Telegram. So, be sure how good this project is Wink
Reply wanted to buy R5 listing, but it is too hot (quite high daily earnings). When I described GrowingSeeds section, he remained silent. Now you can be sure that the admin is not interested to show the qualities of his project in good places, he just looked for money. Bye-bye.
Reply wanted to get R5 listing, but I said no and explained of course.
Then I offered GS listing, but the admin did not reply at all. Nice character, now you know the quality of this project.

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