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SCAM - Flexibit -
Welcome to the trendy world of Flexible online investments where our partners are able to receive stable long-term returns by placing their Bitcoin digital funds in our online investment fund managed by Flexibles International Group Inc.
Our goal is to make you feel at ease while receiving your daily passive income when you choose our flexible investment solutions. FlexiBit is all about flexibility. we can offer each client a lifetime smart contract with decent daily return on investment.
Our clients can enjoy our invetment solutions & add any extra funds to their active accounts to receive even higher daily return. Thanks to our unique approach to business & smart investment techniques we can guarantee that each partner will be fully satisfied by working with FlexiBit scalable platform. How we’re able to pay these solid returns in Bitcoins? Check out Business Model page.
Each partner who has created an investment with FlexiBit will receive a special e-document confirming their investment. FlexiBit Investment Certificate is a an e-document proving your active investment enforced by our internal company procedures.
FlexiBit plans can be purchased only with Bitcoins, one of the most revolutionary digital assets of today. Bitcoin has a great potential & we can not simply underestimate it. It is often referred to as digital gold, as it shares many of the characteristics that makes the precious metal a great store of value. If you are new to Bitcoin, please, read through our Bitcoin Wiki page. Welcome to FlexiBit - your online source of Bitcoin passive income.

Investment plans:
3.3 - 4.8% daily forever with hourly accruals
I can just hope that the admin will reduce the rate after x days to keep the project alive

Accepted e-wallets:
Bitcoin only

Type of withdrawals: instant
or within 24 business hours

Referral system: 
1 level: 5%
Active investment:
This is to certify that instant has completed the purchase of shares in the form of digital funds in the amount of 0.20000000 Bitcoin using innovative digital platform -, operated by FLEXIBLES INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC, Company Number - 162,248, registered in Belize.
The shares are meant to bring daily dividends to the Certificate holder for the whole duration of the smart contract. The shares can not be refunded or handed over to other individuals.
Certificate ID
instant 0.20000000 Bitcoin

[Image: 728x90.gif]

Clear link: 
Join with my referral link:
it should add atlest 50 days insurance insted of 25days... -_-
Thanks for your suggestion. I am going to make ISA more attractive by help of Goldcoders very soon. Once it will be ready, I will make changes in insurance policy as well.
(02-27-2017, 10:17 PM)admin Wrote: Thanks for your suggestion. I am going to make ISA more attractive by help of Goldcoders very soon. Once it will be ready, I will make changes in insurance policy as well.

I don't know if it's feasible, but why not mandatory lifetime insurances?
Because just few admins will be interested to buy listing at ISA. Maybe if we would be bigger community...
Regarding the new promo of Flexibit, somehow I do not believe that hyips are paying for top referrers nearly 20BTC nowadays.
Admins can deal with 10 guys who will get symbolical amounts or the second scenario, the shop will be closed on the same day.

Don't you think?

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New changes:

1) Hourly rates in all plans have been temporarily reduced to 0.08%, 0.1%. 0.12% & 0.16% per hour respectively. 

2) 3% withdraw fee has been introduced. This will be applied to every withdraw requested from your account. 

3) Minimum withdraw amount has been set at B 0.001.

It seems the admin is not interested to rewrite the investment plans with actual rate even the changes are live since yesterday (7/April)

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5 days ago he start a new promo tour and will give to the first winner 7 BTC,, and  summary 20 BTC to all other winners... now he reduce the earning rate and set a withdraw fee? 

No comment...

And it seems the game is over. This is when the admin is talking about extreme amounts to share - never happen Wink
Moving Flexibit to scam section.

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