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¿What payment processor is the best?
¿What payment processor is the best?  Huh 

When investing, one of the most common questions is what payment processor use ?. We have a long list of processors and is often difficult to decide on one. To help in the task, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of each payment processor. Let the mess.


[Image: 35cr7up.png]

+ Advantages:
- We have 45 days to open dispute after making a payment. Essential to defend ourselves in this jungle predator. The mere possibility of opening disputes, makes the difference. While other processors stop paying fast, with Payza still paying for much longer by fear disputes.
- The protection system for online investment is the best but...

+ Disadvantages:
- sometimes you can lost the dispute or just can recover a 10% of your lost or 0% if are not funds in the account of the scammer.
- Commissions are the highest.
- The support is not particularly good, in some cases it is quite slow.
- Withdrawals are slow. They can take from 4 days to 2 weeks. Similarly, the charge card Payza also takes several days. So having money in your account Payza, is not synonymous to have cash, you have to wait several days until you can materialize.
-Payza can frozen/steal the funds of your account if you make an exchange with an unofficial exchanger or freceive funds from another user saying -fraudulent transaction-.
-VERY HIGH fees when you try to exchange funds to another ewallet.

+ Conclusion: For me, the main processor to invest in HYIPs and revshares if you're an insecure investor. If we take the opportunity to open disputes, it would be the worst processors but as has that functionality, it is the best choice in high-risk investments. Protection compensates the high fees and poor support.


[Image: 156wyh2.png]

+ Advantages:
- Immediacy. Unlike Payza, we can convert the balance of Payeer in cold hard cash at the time. We just have to go down to the nearest ATM card and use Payeer.
- Versatility. We can deposit funds with bank transfer, card, Bitcoin, Advcash, Paxum, OKPAY etc ... Likewise we can also withdraw our balance Payeer to Paxum, Bitcoin, Advcash, bank account and more.
- Commissions generally are quite low. For example, transfer balance to another account Payeer cost us 0.95%.
- The support they have answered fairly quickly.

+ Disadvantages:
- No possibility to open disputes but it seems that soon will implement this option.

+ Conclusion: A good processor with acceptable commissions, quite versatile and it works very well. I will follow closely the information on the possibility of implementing the option to open Payeer disputes. It would be the icing on the cake for a very good processor.

[Image: 21b809v.png]

+ Advantages:
- Very low commissions.
- It is a widely used processor.

+ Disadvantages:
- No possibility to open disputes. Has no protection, so usually one of the first processors who fail to pay when there is a scam.
- You can not withdraw money from Perfect Money, you have to make an exchange to pass to another processor. You also can directly deposit, you have to do everything for exchange. The truth is that it is a rare system.
-The verification process are shit sometimes (I'm sorry, but it's the truth), I needed send my documents 5 times for finally verify it.

+ Conclusion: When I created the account PM for the first time, I turned crazy. I not understand how it was possible for a processor had no choice to deposit or withdraw funds. Everything works by exchanges with the hassle of having to do with management and commission for exchange. Finally, I was finding "tricks" that helped me to better handle me with PM. For example, I found a quick, inexpensive and automatic exchange to change Bitcoin to PM and vice versa and also discovered that they could use PM to deposit directly into Advcash, which we can convert the balance in PM in cash very quickly. After discovering these "tricks" I quite like as PM processor to receive payments, mostly for their low fees, however, it is to make investments that offer less protection. Only use it in investments which have a lot of confidence and I am 100% sure I'll recover more than 100%, thus saving me Payza commissions.


[Image: 15z4cps.jpg]

+ Advantages:
- Very low commissions.
- Versatility. We can deposit and withdraw by bank transfer, credit card, Pay Ok, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer etc ... Possibly the most versatile processor and allows us to easily convert into hard cash balances and Perfect Money Bitcoin.
- Quite acceptable support.
- Immediacy. We can withdraw our balance down to any ATM at any time.

+ Disadvantages:
- No possibility to open disputes.

+ Conclusion: Its very low commissions and great versatility make it an imperative for investors in high-performance websites processor. What you can convert into hard cash balances and Perfect Money Bitcoin is great.

[Image: 29xyizc.png]

+ Advantages:
- Allows remove the balance Bitcoins.
- Offers more protection than other processors. Despite not having a procedure to open dispute, if many users complain about an account, it opens an investigation and the possibility of recovering part of your funds. This possibility makes that in most cases, users STP more respected than other processors.

+ Disadvantages:
- If there is no massive complaints about a swindler, support STP does not start a dispute procedure. Many times it is already late and the accused has very little balance in your account.
- Commissions quite high.
- Withdrawals may take several days to materialize.
- In my view, it is one of the most liosos to use processors.

+ Conclusion: For me it is one of the worst processors. Payza has defects as high commissions and the inability to realize the real cash balance at the time, but with the handicap that can not open disputes as in the case of Payza. A dispensable processor. Honestly, I have only counts in STP because I had to create it to collect a commission.

[Image: dljmz8.png]

+ Advantages:
- Low commissions.
- You can withdraw the balance instantly with your card at an ATM.

+ Disadvantages:
- No option to open disputes.
- Almost no web of high yield investments accepts it.
- The account verification is a bit heavy to do. Sometimes it takes long to verify it and the only way to speed up the process is telephoning and talking with them. By the way, often only they answer in English.

+ Conclusion: A good processor for other areas, although it is very unpopular in investment programs high performance.

[Image: zpt13.jpg]

+ Advantages:
- The most popular payment processor, Paypal taking balance can use it to buy any kind of service from a computer to the purchase of the supermarket.
- Opens disputes, but only provides protection for physical article.

+ Disadvantages:
- It has become the angel of death revshares, its freezing of funds are as famous as hated.
- The possibility of open disputes worthless services or intangibles. In the case of high yield investments it is totally useless.
- The commissions are very high.

+ Conclusion: A totally useless for high-yield investments processor. Your account lockouts and funds only cause loss of money. If you see a revshare that accepts Paypal, flee !. Its protection system for services and intangible property is nonexistent. Anyone can create a website selling a program that ensures that accelerate the speed of your computer 200% and really sell a virus that breaks your PC. For Paypal anyway, why give the scammer if there is a tangible asset involved. Regrettable.

[Image: ak7ses.png]

+ Advantages:
- No intermediaries, there is a bench behind, there is a government that you can steal your money by is inflation, ie, you have total control of your Bitcoins.
- It's an anonymous means of payment.
- Today there are many ways to convert your Bitcoins into cash at any time.
- The commissions are very low, almost nonexistent.

+ Disadvantages:
- The fact that no entity has its downside behind. For example, if you make a transfer by mistake or someone steals your Bitcoins, no one will return your money and no way to claim. If you have your Bitcoin wallet on your PC and you lose files or your password, goodbye to your Bitcoins. You have complete freedom over your money, yes, but you must be responsible to care if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises.
- Volatility is a mixed fixed. If you know how espular, you can benefit from it. If you're lucky, your investment may increase, but also the possibility of losing its value.
- It's a little more complicated to use than other payment processors. You need someone explain how to use it.
- For the issue of high yield investments, it is a danger, in the sense that it is the most vulnerable to scams processor, because you have no one to complain to.

+ Conclusion: Bitcoin is not recommended to invest in high-return programs payment. One reason is that deposits normally are not instantaneous, so while other processors are generating revenue from the first second, when depositing with Bitcoin must wait until manually credited your deposit. However, the main reason for not investing with Bitcoins is that there is no one behind to complain to, and this coupled with anonymity, make it a perfect target for scams. I started investing with Bitcoins and showered me sticks up in the identity card. Then, when you invest with Payza, you understand why it is a totally different league.

[Image: 2lxzaiv.png]

+ Advantages:
- Low commissions.
- You can withdraw the balance instantly with your card at an ATM.
- Allows remove the balance Bitcoins.
- It is a very popular processor in some different areas to high-yield investments.

+ Disadvantages:
- No option to open disputes.
- Almost no web of high yield investments accepts it.
- When you deposit money using Neteller Bitcoins, that money is "marked" so that can not be used to purchase using credit card and also can be used to withdraw money with the card at an ATM. Come on, that money is practically useless and can only be used to send other users. On the contrary, as Advcash or Payeer processors allow you to convert into cash deposits in Bitcoins, which makes the option to deposit using Bitcoin something testimonial and unhelpful.

+ Conclusion: A good processor for other areas, although it is very unpopular in investment programs high performance.

+ Advantages:
- Very versatile. It allows withdraw Paypal, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Pay Ok, Payza, Bank transfer and card.
- The account verification is instantaneous. And upload your identity card and automatically verifies the account in 1 second.

+ Disadvantages:
- A very seedy processor, both the design and the infrastructure behind them.
- Almost no web of high yield investments accepts it.
- Very high commissions.
- Withdrawals are subject to "availability". I made a withdrawal for Bitcoin and I did not arrive in two weeks, and I complained luegome canceled claiming they had no availability, then I had to ask again for Paypal and this time they paid me in four days. We'll pay you when they want and if they are interested.

+ Conclusion: I checked into this processor because it was one of the few options he had to collect in Fort Ad Pays. I have not seen any company to accept it. It is shabby, unprofessional, slow ... not recommended withdrawals rather than for an emergency.

+ Advantages:
- No remarkable.

+ Disadvantages:
- It is very expensive. Both bank transfers as apply for the card, are the highest commissions in the market.
- Almost no web of high yield investments accepts it. It is also very rarely used in other areas.
- I had trouble verifying my account because they said the bill looked blurred, something that had never happened to me. In the end I gave up.
- There is no way to change exchanger or balance balance 2pay4you by another processor.
- There are rumors that the creator of this processor is a German con artist who lives in Thailand.

+ Conclusion: Processor completely dispensable. Best avoided.

My opinion: For me (in my opinion, others persons can have others opinions), the best payment processor for invest is Payeer, because the card for withdrawal instant in my bank help me a lot and I can deposit INSTANT funds using creditcard. Not need verify account for have big amounts and support is really fast, and it helped me a lot with my doubts. The second is Advcash and the last is Payza, but I don't like use it, honestly.
My best PP is Payeer...
Perfect Money accept now BTC . New Wallet - PMB -.
Hmmm, it's a very interesting question! I always use bitcoin -> interesting). I have some privileges on the Internet when using this currency) I like it)) My money is always with me and it is convenient for me to use the BTC service

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