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SCAM - telecomfin -
Green Telecom is the source for Internet access, IP-telephony and digital television.
A comprehensive range of telecommunication services, high availability and optimum functionality and safety in this area.

Investment plans:

TELEVISION - 1% daily for one year. You can sell this contract within 40 days with a fine of 40%. Min. deposit 10$.
TELEPHONY - 1.6% daily for 6 months.  Min. deposit 17$.
4G INTERNET - 2% daily for 90 daysMin. deposit 33$.
(new) SATELLITE INTERNET - 2.86% without clear explanation (individual agreement), but this VIP plan is available just if you already invested in any plan above. 

Activation of contracts takes up to 48 hours.

Accepted e-wallets: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Advcash, Payza, Skrill, Yandex, Bankcard (Banks of the Dominican Republic)

Type of withdrawals: manual, no time-frame in FAQ, I was paid within 10 hours.

Referral system: 3-level, 10%-5%-2%

Active investment:

The amount of 250 USD has been withdrawn from your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U2625028->U10863984.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. 2045369817.. Date: 16:16 02.08.16. Batch: 141907118.

Join with my link:
We all know the industrial scripts GC, Hscript and ShadowScript and can handle it. 
But use a selfmade script, and some functions are are hidden and difficult to find.
So a little user-guide here:

User guide - part 1 - Registration and dashboard

The Registration
You can, but you must not fill in a skype contact.
In the partner-fields must be the mail adress from ISA
[Image: registration1muek.jpg]
Your own mail adress must filled correctly, you get a  message to confirm your account.
[Image: confirm0ku7s.jpg]
Click the link in the mail
[Image: confirmmail1nui3.jpg]
The Dashboard

After entering the account dashboard you see:
 - in the top you own ref-link (as short link)
- the plans which are possible to play for you and the available quantity
- on the left side a few buttons (under this buttons the rest of the dashboard is hidden)

[Image: hiddenicuva.jpg]

Later after the invest - the profits and the withdrawal button are showing here too 
Under the first button (left side top)we find a part of the dasboard
- the operations history 
- the Ref-lists
- the News section 
- the banner for advertising

[Image: button196urz.jpg]

But where are the account settings?
They are under the second button (left side down)
Klick it and a new window will be open:

[Image: button235uhf.jpg]

Here you find your message box, the support contact form and your account settings.
Here you can fill your payment processor details. 
If you have not add the payment processor  and make a deposit, so the sender adress (example U1234567) will add automaticly in this form. This is ok for PM, Payeer and ADV, but if you invest with bitcoin, so this can make problems for you. So better add your processoers before invest.

End of part 1 - will continue with part 2: How to make a deposit
User guide - part 2 - Make a deposit

How to make a deposit

On your dasboard site you see the plans, which are possible to play for you.
(what I dislike: The plan runtime was not shown here).

[Image: dashboarddjudr.jpg]

In first you can invest in 3 Plans: 
TELEVISION - 1% daily for one year. You can sell this contract within 40 days with a fine of 40%. Min. deposit 10$.
TELEPHONY - 1.6% daily for 6 months.  Min. deposit 17$.
4G INTERNET - 2% daily for 90 days. Min. deposit 33$.
(Later after an invest in the plan TELEPHONY or 4G-INTERNET the VIP plan is open for you. - The infos about the VIP plans later)
Actually the plan 4G-INTERNET have a quantity 0, so you can only invest in the basic-plan TELEVISION or the 90-days-plan 4G-INTERNET

[Image: plans-buy0lusr.jpg]
Press the BUY-button and a new window open.

Here fill in the sum to deposit and chosse the paymernt processor.
[Image: deposit1jfucn.jpg]

Press BUY, then you see the info, about the reception address, 
Sent your money and close the window.
Then reload your dasboard and you see your purchased contract card (in grey colour, why the system is waiting for the payment)

[Image: contract1tfu87.jpg]
If you switch with the mouse over this card, so your contract details open.
[Image: contract1-info8hugy.jpg]
In the "operation history" the contract is shown as PENDING
[Image: contactpendingq8ugi.jpg]

In my case the program is waiting for the bitcoin confirmation. 
After the bitcoin confirmation a contract activation process starts, and your contact change to "activation"

[Image: activationzeu2b.jpg]

The activation process needs 24-48 hours. 

You start to earn profits, if the activation process is ready. Not earlier.


End of part 2 - will continue with part 3: How to make profit 
User guide - part 3 - Profit 

How to make profit

You start to earn profits, if the activation process is ready.

Remember: In the activation process you see this picture.

[Image: 3-activation-processrjs7p.jpg]

After 24-48 hours the contact card change the coulour again (to the plan colour) and you get a message, that your contract is activated now. On the backside you see the details.

[Image: 3active-depositjusoo.jpg][Image: 3-backsideigsfr.jpg]

After the activation the profit is shown in realtime on the front side. (The shown sum is deposit+profit).
On the backside you see the details (your profit)

[Image: 3-btcfrontn1ji2.jpg][Image: 3-btcbacky0joc.jpg]

End of part 3 - will continue with part 4: How to withdraw the profit
User guide - part 4 - Withdrawals

On the backside of your contract card you see, how much is your actually profit (your actually account balance)

Example: Withdrawal  for plan 4G
Deposit was $66, shown sum is $69.91
So you can see every time your real profit (in this case $3.91)
On the backside you see the details
[Image: 3-example4g10sd4.jpg][Image: 3-4g-detailscts6t.jpg]
***************Example **********************

So you can withdraw $3.91

Press the WITHDRAWAL button there and a new window will open:

[Image: 4-with2qhxzc.jpg]

Fill in the form the sum, which you will pay out and confirm.

Then the website swich to your operation history list and you can see your withdrawal request.

[Image: 4-with-opd9lnc.jpg]

You don't get a separate "Withdrawal request" message, you can see it only the operation list.

The withdrawal process is 12-24 hours, most the paidouts are faster.

End of part 4 - will continue with part 5: The VIP-contracts
Thank you so much for this great guide! I can confirm that GreenTelecom pays usually between 3-10 hours in most cases.

The amount of 5.48 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U10863984->Uxxxxxxxx. Memo: API Payment. GreenTelecom.. Date: 07:30 20.08.16. Batch: 143751451.

Thanks Admin.
Great job.
Last check for this program:Thursday, 08 September 2016
A few of  "pending withdrawal"-messages in forums and our chat.
Status is changed to

Please be careful with new invests
Regards TheWall
The game is over. The monitors go to RED
Last check for this Program:Thursday, 08 September 2016
Program status is NOT PAYING
Do NOT invest there now.
Moved to section Scams & Closed Programs

The Wall

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