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Binance/Bitmex VSA trading Bot.
Crypto Bitmex VSA Bot

[Image: Hx20-Gw-Mx-Am-DOQG3-In-LO8behr-B6en3yk-H...FVg-DA.jpg]

+ Most Stable Bitcoin Trading bot for both binance/Bitmex
+ 6 Month Live Trading Results.
+ NO DCA,Martingale Risky Stategies
+ Dynamic Strategy Based on OrderBook&VSA
+ Bot is running with Investor API KEY safe and secure (withdrawals disabled)
+ Live Telegram Support updated daily results

[Image: photo-2021-04-26-22-16-20.jpg]

We offer Asset Management in Bitmex and Binance. Our main investment tool is an Institutional (insider) trading Market Maker bot. This unique bot is dynamic and does short/long trades with XBTUSD ETH/USD currently. It utilizes VSA and the order book to enter/exit trades with high accuracy. ROI over 20-50% each week! (depends on Bitcoin Volatility) . This is passive income, as an investor, you will need to do nothing once BTC has been invested. Sit and enjoy phenomenal profits! our bot makes. You gave us only access to make trading. Money transfer is disabled and only investors can do such operations!

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