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SCAM - AlysDax -

Video about AlysDax
[Image: 13d2cb71cad267a386b554c5954d1d0f-full.png]

Crisis is the best time to make money. AlysDax partners continue to conduct online and offline events for those who are not ready to waste time in vain and are actively developing in the field of investment.
The next meeting will be held tomorrow at the Santika Hotel in Bogor. We note right away that top leaders hold events only in the best hotels in the region, where preventive measures are regularly taken, which guarantees safety to conference participants.
The event will begin at 16:00 and will last until all questions of the participants are answered. The speaker of the conference will be Mr. Julianto. He and his colleagues will discuss with guests such issues as:
  • Business in times of crisis: how to insure risks, not panic and earn when the market falls?
  • Investor Portrait in 2020: learn about partnership with innovative projects, financial pools and blockchain platforms.
  • Blockchain, as a new economic formation: see the modernization of economic development processes. Lecture from the AlysDax experts will be presented.
  • How to become a AlysDax leader: a mentoring master class, partner status, preferences for the most successful community members.

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Alysdax Megaland Solo Leader Conference
Friends, tomorrow is the online streaming of Korean crypto blogger about AlysDax ! 

You can join it at 11 pm KST 

see ya 


PS have an awesome Friday and be good ?✌️❤️

[Image: photo-2020-03-20-20-52-54.jpg]


AlysDax Jacarta is the main event in the Capital of Indonesia for future investors, leaders and traders. The program of the meeting includes theory and practice, discussions and insides of the blockchain industry. The main opportunity there is “an exclusive proposal for creation of a team of investors”.
Portrait of an investor in 2020: creation of partnership with innovative projects, financial pools and blockchain platforms
Blockchain as a new economic system: the modernization of the processes of economic development, cryptocurrencies and the effective use of their free volumes.
How to become a AlysDax leader: a mentoring master class, status of the partner, preferences for the most successful community members.
The conference will be held in one of the best hotels in Jacarta: Aston Kartika Grogol Hotel.
Conference Speaker: Mr. Sammy.
Date: Saturday, March 21, 2020
Time: 14.00 - End
Place: Jacarta Aston Kartika Grogol Hotel
Online registration is open!
or by phone:
Mr. Sammy (081230082432)
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Have a nice day and see you at AlysDax in Jacarta!

The AlysDax Yogyakarta 2020 conference is organized for practical seminars, interactive discussions on the blockchain topic and training lectures for beginner investors.
Modern investments: margin trading as an engine of high-yield projects and increased financial support based on the AlysDax platform.
Digital economics: the impact of cryptotechnologies on the global financial system and monetary policy of the state.
AlysDax Mentors Bonus System: community promotion, affiliate program benefits and investment project development features.
The conference will be held in one of the best hotels of Yogyakarta Crystal Lotus Hotel.
Conference Speakers Mr. Prabu & Mr. Hanung.
Date: Sunday, March 22, March 2020
Time: 16.00 - End
Place: Crystal Lotus Hotel
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Have a nice day and see you at AlysDax Yogyakarta 2020!

AlysDax leaders are the most important people in the community of our project. They help beginners who are just entering the project to get comfortable and work together to develop our system.
Today we want to announce that we are ready to expand the number of world leaders of AlysDax and invite everyone to take part in the race for TOP places by the standards of individual countries.
This means that in each country of all the teams that have announced themselves, we will choose the most successful one who will take the place of the “National Leader”.
The partners who took the No.1 places in their countries will receive even more bonuses and preferences from the project administration, new opportunities will also be opened before them that will make their work with AlysDax even more effective and profitable!
Every day we receive and analyze hundreds of applications from existing network partners who want to take the place of a “National Leader”!
Everyone has a chance so act now! Fill out an application
in your personal account. This is your first step towards being not just a leader, but becoming No.1 in your country.

The Chinese media pay great attention to our project, it is telling in detail about AlysDax and the mechanisms that our platform uses. Information about the AlysDax project has appeared in such publications as: etc.
We are grateful to the journalists of the listed media for the high appreciation of our project and the opportunity to tell more people about how you can develop and achieve new financial results using the most modern technologies and the recommendations of professional traders and consultants.

The special attention by information resources is another proof for us that the team has chosen the right vector for the development of Prodname. This project should continue to work to make financial well-being accessible to the maximum number of users.

Thank you for helping us share information about AlysDax!

If you want to become part of the unique AlysDax project just get a professional Leader in mentors and learn how to make money on margin trading. Join us! Also, if you are a born Leader and you are ready to lead people behind you, then help them to fulfill themselves and achieve their goals. We will be happy to tell you about all the advantages that they have prepared for people like you!
[Image: IMG-20200324-180720-022.png]

Modern realities dictate the trend of transition from offline to online meetings conferences and webinars. We support this initiative and launch ongoing webinars from leading experts of the company. You will be able to gain new knowledge, skills and earn money without leaving home.
Partners of the international AlysDax Community will conduct webinars twice a week at 06:00 PM.
Every Wednesday, topics of webinars are dedicated to AlysDax: how to make money using various tools, how to get bonuses when participating in an affiliate program for developing the system, what are the optimal portfolios for making a profit. Fresh news will be announced  by the top leaders about the development of the company. The communication process will involve the audience and will provide the feedback.
Every Saturday, a discussion will be organised of the latest trends and market news. The topics will cover the volatile cryptocurrencies, online economics, forecasts of professional investors, so on and much more. It will be discussed what is a must have for anyone who wants to keep aware of the hottest financial news. This is an exclusive opportunity to ask your question to the speaker in the chat and get the answer!
Speaker: Kielas
Broadcast Language: English
Time: Wednesday and Saturday, 6pm
Broadcast Location: >> <<
The crypto community is not scared of the crisis! Watch AlysDax webinars!
Special offer! Are you ready to host events online?
Write to Technical Support on our website and get promotion in the news feed and social networks of the AlysDax community!

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