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PROBLEM - Monelo -
Instant withdrawal, as usual:

DATE: Mar-07-2020 10:13
AMOUNT: 0.00365000 BTC
TXID: 849f845681129d561467187c19af1e7ed811d8401315e132ffac13703bc29b06
Instant withdrawal:

DATE: Mar-12-2020 18:06
AMOUNT: 0.00253719 BTC
TXID: bb4e62f136fe2579474f7b15b93f24c970d4469c14c75956cd18325640c1e703
Instant withdrawal:

DATE: Mar-16-2020 12:42
AMOUNT: 0.00278000 BTC
TXID: c7003779e1daf1ab2447b93267f488f9e1197359518ee0c586ee3240d3f33d2d
Monelo has stopped paying, do not invest there! The admin posted this message on the main page:

"Unfortunately the impact of COVID-19 has finally reached us and today our platform is officially stopping to provide it’s services.
During the global fall-down of stock markets we managed to keep going, but despite all our best attempts we can not continue anymore.
We are stopping to accept new deposits and the deposit release function has been disabled. We will keep processing the daily payouts for as long as possible.
Thank you for your support - Stay safe and healthy!"

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