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PROBLEM - Monelo -
Monelo is an industry expert developed investment platform that serves as an all-in-one diversified portfolio for its users. Combining multiple streams of investment income (from forex trading to venture capital investments) makes for a safe and stable overall investment that steadily yields a profit percentage every single day. Our team of professionals from different fields of expertise have taken care of the complicated challenge of finding, evaluating and managing new ventures, allowing our users to enjoy an incredibly high profit. With our plan, each user is guaranteed a stable income growth, even outside of work hours. We offer you a rare opportunity to make your money work for you – 24/7.

Investment plans:

3% daily forever, 1% on weekends, principal back @ 10% fee

Accepted e-wallets: 
BTC only

Type of withdrawals:
instant, (within minutes)
no wd fee

Referral system: 

Active investment:
Investment: 0.022BTC

Date: 27-01-2020

Hash: dc10e33102be7440ca6f575e10e9ac826d268efb3ba2f06513f0362b42497c0e

[Image: ml_1.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link: 
Paid within minutes (referral commissions):

DATE: Jan-28-2020 09:40
AMOUNT: 0.00625000 BTC
TXID: 112326c38fbdc0cdeca6d9912afa97b9bcc7928e5b9593b46668468112a5d625
Time to invest:

I start with 0.05 BTC here.

Wish luck to all. Smile

Dear sco***,

You have been paid!

***** DETAILS *****
Program: Monelo
Program Username: sco***
RCB: 6.45
Payment System: Bitcoin
Payment System ID: 3******
Thank you for the RCB ISA admin..
Thanks admin,
RCB received and received first withdrawal from the site.
You are welcome, guys Smile

I was paid within minutes, as usual:

0.00356140 BTC
Instant withdrawal:
Feb-06-2020 15:36
Instant withdrawal:
DATE: Feb-11-2020 17:07
AMOUNT: 0.00169000 BTC
TXID: de0948e77721a39281159c5325ba6a0fcfc5cfc601f7ebae48ced804df1d64c5
Instant withdrawal:
DATE: Feb-17-2020 19:56
AMOUNT: 0.00229400 BTC
TXID: c1cdba4d1346c3b42b9efc64890f70e39f35a0f084d7b876a678d59c1deb27ac
Instant withdrawal:

DATE: Feb-28-2020 10:27
AMOUNT: 0.00198000 BTC
TXID: 10028bd717b2319d5ab9149bf5e804b120192517b66b23ab752ba6dee030af5f

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