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SCAM - Finastone -
Finastone PTE. LTD. is a privately owned wealth management and investment company. We welcome both groups and individuals from all across the world to get involved with us at an international level. Finastone PTE. LTD's official registration is in Singapore, and this allows us to operate with the sort of mobility, flexibility, and agility needed to transact quickly and operate competitively but compliantly in a global and ever-changing investment landscape.

Investment plans:
5% daily for 30 business days | 110% after 10 calendar days

Accepted e-wallets: 
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, Dash & Ethereum

Type of withdrawals:
manual, 24 hours 
withdrawal limits: BTC - 0.003 BTC, LTC - 0.2, ETH - 0.1, XMR - 0.2, XRP - 30, DASH - 0.1
no wd fee

Referral system: 
for levels: 5-2-1%

Active investment:
Plan: Daily 5.
Batch: a54c6a7f41c5a4117682398157ff54d37f48e83d067d931d4619f188c2304e9c
[Image: psBit.svg]
0.03000000 BTC

[Image: 728.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
First withdrawal, waited just 2 hours:
Hey mate I have registered via your link but I can not find info. that you are my upline?
(08-20-2019, 11:22 AM)Aresbackbull Wrote: Hey mate I have registered via your link but I can not find info. that you are my upline?

Sorry for late answer. If you meant RCB, I can see my referrals, so you will be paid. 
By the way if you would like to be sure who is your upline, open the referral link in new browser to avoid using past data from cookies in your current browser.
Finastone seems to be problematic, I do not recommend to invest here anymore.
SCAM DO NOT invest !!!

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