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PROBLEM - Mph-one -

We made the technologies of the future closer and more accessible! You have a unique opportunity to participate the grandiose project.

Devices on the market now are of very short functions and are not secured properly. Our basic aim is to create one device that includes several important functions such as the possibility to make profit for users (mining), crypto currency and personal data secure keeping. Progress allows that, but for some reason nobody is developing for the future of the world. We decided to become the first ones but to keep dimensions and traditional user interface of the device.
MPhone device - is the first device in the world supporting both crypto currency cold storage and the possibility of mining. Smartphones have traditional functions of a mobile device but at the same time give access to vast abilities of Blockchain technology.
Mphone devices make their own secure eco-system allowing execution of transactions within it and providing protection from personal data loss.
Mphone device has its own Lightning OS with open initial code to support Blockchain applications and general support of Mphone eco-system life supported by MPH tokens. When developing ideas Phone-M LTD consulted and cooperated with the leading companies producing chips and mobile devices, such as BITMAIN, SUMSUNG, QUALCOMM, HUAWEI and MEIZU.

Investment plans:
1% daily 365 days, principal included

Accepted e-wallets: 
BTC, ETH, PerfectMoney, Payeer - RUB only

Type of withdrawals:
instant, even if the faq shows max 72h processing time 
withdrawal limits: no info

Referral system: 
8 levels: 8-2-1-1-1-0.5-0.5%

Active investment:
The amount of 250 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U2625028->U18969056. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. instant.. Date: 10:35 02.04.19. Batch: 253969521.

[Image: 728_en.gif]

Clear link:   
Join with my referral link: 
UPDATE: new investment plan was added again: 200% after 20 days, no min. deposit limit. I understand this as warning to not invest!

The insurance has been disabled on 24/April, but deposits of my referrals till this date are still insured of course. 
The reason: the new investment plan is in close contrast to original super long investment plan and business model. This change is not minor, our deal was valid for the original investment plan even if the second plan was more or less acceptable, but not the newest high-ROI after-plan.
I reactivated the insurance because the after-plan was deleted (it was available for one day only - somebody explain me this please...)

And this is my instant withdrawal:
The amount of 15.5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U18969056->U2625028. Memo: API Payment. instant.. Date: 10:30 27.04.19. Batch: 257685222.
Another problem, I hope just temporary:

today 06:49
Payment system
5.00 USD
Beneficiary account
today 06:49

No positive changes, do not invest there!

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