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SCAM - Ocean3 -
Ocean Three Pty LTD is an investment startup that was incorporated in Australia on July 24, 2018.
As you are likely to know it, the Earth is exposed to many sources of pollution. A lot of companies and governments swing into action to find correct solutions.

Investment plans:
3% daily forever (up to 20% depending on team volume) 
min. investment: 10$, 0.002BTC, 0.02ETH 

Accepted e-wallets: 

Type of withdrawals:
manually, up to 12 hours
min. withdrawal: 1$, 0.001BTC 

Referral system: 5%
representatives: 8-2-1% 

Active investment:
10/8/2018 01:18:50pm
0.03140000 BTC
Address: 3G6xtmEVhuLHnD7VDGGo9oMPsLcyKGGzC6
TX ID: 9d74ce2674f9e1590e19f897689e1d6f775ad18b78be9909fe606727bbe88f5b

[Image: ocean728x90.gif]

Clear link:  
Join with my referral link: 
I was paid within minutes today.
Interesting notification email:


Congratulations for this successful withdrawal request!
Get even more positive experience and stable income online with the OCEAN THREE together!
Talk about us to your friends and give them your affiliate link.

A deposit of 0.09041468 ETH has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet. 
Transaction ID 0x741a508ecbba32633e07a3fcd26fecf6b0721b7212e6b806d14d58015b28bcaf.
Thank you admin for Ocean3 RCB!

Dear Husnain,

You have been paid!

***** DETAILS *****
Program: Ocean3
Program Username: Husnain
RCB: 5
Payment System: PerfectMoney
Payment System ID: U18******
I was paid within 2 hours today:

A deposit of 0.00200000 BTC has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet.
Transaction ID baea5f8bfa73a41a715fdf9b1e602db5247261165eda31e3e85cf24add887e52.

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