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SCAM - Mezzway -
1) Description:
Mezzway LTD, is a British investment platform for crypto currency and users around the world who invest and earn their money regardless of whether it will be deposited immediately or gradually. The company attracts investment by the principle of crowd-funding and invests in IT-technologies and start-ups. We position and develop exactly as an Internet company. Financing our innovative development, you have the right to receive a part of the profit. Proper management of your capital today is the guarantee of a stable and secured tomorrow!

2) Investment plans:
2.5% daily for deposits from 5- 499$
3% daily for deposits from 500- 1999$
4% dails for deposits from 2000- 20000$
All deposits are unlimited, earnings perpetually.

3) [b]Accepted e-wallets:[/b]
BTC, ETH, USD via Payeer, PM will connected in next few days

4) Type of withdrawals:
Withdrawal minimum 1$, 0.0005 for BTC, 0.005 ETH.
Withdrawal timeframe: instant.

5) Referral system:
1st level 8%  
2nd level 2%


6) My active investment:

Clear link:
7) Join with my link:
new instant payment
Last check for this program: Thursday, 02 August 2018

Program status is PAYING


Regards from the building site Smile

new instant payment
Last check for this program: Sunday, 05 August 2018

Program status is PAYING


Regards from the building site Smile

New instant payment
New instant payment

Soon, a secure information transfer channel (SSL CERTIFICATE GREENBAR), encrypted in accordance with international standards, will be connected.
This technology will maximize the protection of our investors' data, thanks to the availability of enhanced encryption.
mezzway - SCAM!!
The game is over. The monitors go to RED

Last check for this Program: Thursday, 09 August 2018

Program status is NOT PAYING

Do NOT invest there now.

Moved to section Scams & Closed Programs


Regards from the building site Smile

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