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SCAM - Barrel -
THE COMPANY - IMPORTER OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS BARREL engaged in the supply of fuel from the middle East and Africa. We bulk purchase raw materials from oil companies, and then sell it refineries plants and factories. Established mechanism for purchasing of large quantities of goods allows the Barrel company to purchase raw materials at a bargain price which makes us competitive in the field of oil trading.
Negotiations with suppliers of raw materials.
Regulation of pricing policy.
The customs clearance.
Conversion prices via monetary control.
Insurance supplies.

Investment plans:
min. 7% daily for 20 business days | min. 140% after 15 business days
min. investment 10$, 0.0015BTC

Accepted e-wallets: 

Type of withdrawals:
manual - max 48 hours (FAQ), but usually within an hour
min. withdrawals: 1$, 0.0015 BTC

Referral system: 
3 levels: 7-2-1%

Active investment:
Payment date: 28.06.2018 00:32:46 (UTC+3)
Recipient: American Barrel LLC /
Comments: Refilling account
Order ID: a0ffe7d7-458e-4fe7-a656-6c0aa6022ec5
Payeer ID: 74238356
Payment system: Payeer
Amount: 302.88 USD

[Image: %D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B3-barrel720.gif]
Clear link:

Join with my referral link:
#2 has purchased Premium listing on 28/Jun. The insurance is active for 20 days. Source currency: Payeer 2000$

Insurance rules:
Info about our insurance reserve:
First deposit bonus promo:

Independence Day

Dear partners,

AMERICAN BARREL LLC wishes you a happy Independence Day. This is a great holiday for the whole America, without exception, every investor and all American companies. We want to wish you to be independent of the circumstances and financial problems and get the financial freedom that each of us dreams about together with our company.
During the holiday period from 07/04/2018 00:00 to 07/08/2018 00:00 we are conducting an action "+ 10% to the deposit". Only the investment plans "98", "98+", "Diesel", "Diesel +" participate in this campaign.
Promotion conditions: purchase one or several plans from the list above during the promo period and receive 10% of the purchase amount to the main account.

*I do not recommend to choose these investment plans to get deposit bonus. The minimal investment is too high.
News: no BTC deposits for a while:

"Dear partners,

The company lead a change of the payment aggregator for Bitcoin crypto currency. In this case the commission for the withdrawal of Bitcoin is reduced by 5 times. In addition, the opportunity to make a deposit in Bitcoin is temporarily suspended. The possibility of making deposits in this crypto currency will be restored in the near future. Withdrawal works in the normal mode. We will keep you informed and let you know when the possibility of making deposits in Bitcoin will be restored.
Last check for this program: Sunday, 22 July 2018

Program status is PAYING


Regards from the building site Smile

News: 10% deposit bonus, this offer is active in next 100 hours.
Recently French and Chinese languages were added.

Too frequent updates and events, dont you think?

We inform you that due to the change in the policy of providing services by the Advanced Cash payment system (unilaterally) we temporary suspend the receipt of investments through this payment system before the completion of all necessary verifications. For all investors whose plans are purchased through this payment system and are in operation we inform that the withdrawal works in standard mode according to the company's regulations.

In addition the button "Exchange for Perfect Money" was added in your personal account opposite the AdvCash payment system. You can exchange money at any time without commission and continue financial cooperation with the company already through this payment system.

As I heard, Advcash does not accept hyips anymore with basic "certificate of incorporation". It requires licences for financial activities. So, as it happened with STP; Advcash also leaves this industry where they reached good name thanks to zero transaction fees between members...

BTW I reinvested few days ago via Advcash and today got paid as usual. So, no problem with old investments.
Двадцатая выплата со второго круга. Operation date: 22 Aug 2018 14:33 Operation ID: 632029649 Operation type: transfer Status: success Credited: 4.03 $ From: P1000074945
Выплата вознаграждения по bounty программе.
Operation date: 22 Aug 2018 21:55
Operation ID: 632272253
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 1.37 $
From: P1000074945
Первая выплата с третьего круга.
Operation date: 23 Aug 2018 09:04
Operation ID: 632466869
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Credited: 1.04 $
From: P1000074945

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