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SCAM - Bitadvisor -
I am not owner/admin!

New programm "BitAdvisor"

Programm started: 02.04.2018

Building a cryptocurrency mining farm is one of the most profitable business projects nowadays, but such activities involve large investments. The powerful computers, video cards, ASIC miners, the modern cooling and ventilation system plus huge electricity bills - such expenses are too high for newcomers. But at the same time it is impossible to abandon attempts to earn on the growing rate of cryptocurrencies. Stock market experts continue making forecasts about the near future, predicting the widespread transition to mutual settlements on the Internet with the help of Bitcoin and the gradual legalization of electronic money on an equal basis with fiat currencies.
How can average person make money on mining, without getting into debt and without investing all available funds in the arrangement of a mining farm, which may not pay back the money spent on it? BITADVISOR LIMITED opens a new investment project in which everyone can participate in crypto mining without the direct purchase of expensive equipment.
Our Company is engaged in hardware mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, using innovative equipment with the potential for upgrade. However, further activity of the company has no prospects of growth without updating and expanding of the active equipment as mining demands more and more powerful computing devices capable to make the most difficult calculations over time.
That`s why, the company`s management decided to attract additional working capital, offering high-yield investment plans and ensuring timely calculation of dividends in proportion to the invested volumes. The funds received from investors will be used to replace the end of life equipment, the purchase new ASIC miners, improve the ventilation system in order to significantly improve the efficiency of mining farms.
We feel very strongly that investments by private and official entities will allow our company to reach a leading position in the industry and provide an even higher level of profitability, creating the most favorable conditions for long-term cooperation.

10% daily forever
min 0,001BTC - max 1BTC

11% daily forever
min 1,001BTC - max 10BTC

12% daily forever
min 10,001BTC - max 50BTC

15% daily forever
min 50,001BTC - max 500BTC

Partner programm:
2 level from deposit: 5% - 1%

*Accept: Perfect Money, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, LTC, ETH and other.
*License GoldCoders.
*Instant withdraw.

Payment received

Date: 04.04.18 01:39
Received Payment 20.00 USD from account U15525371 to account U1204062.
Batch: 210590389.
Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to gold-lister from BITADVISOR LIMITED.

Thank you, Admin!
The game is over. The monitors go to RED

Program BTC wallet is zero.

Last check for this Program: Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Program status is NOT PAYING

Do NOT invest there now.

Moved to section Scams & Closed Programs


Regards from the building site Smile

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