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I dont know how that's possible the all monitors showing this site "PAYING", because the first try of withdraw is stucking in pending, and after writing the admin recieved this mail:

We have checked your account carefully. your instant withdraw account was not active.
You need to deposit $90 (50% of your first earning ) to active your instant withdraw account  then your withdraw ($180) will be done instantly.
Remember from the same account as the first deposit.
You can withdraw the new deposit profit after it is expire too.
It is only needed in first withdraw time, from next time it don’t need anymore!
You can’t make deposit from account balance!
Our system does not allow to deposit from account balance.
We use instant withdraw system like this way to keep up our pool active.
Thanks for understanding."

So I think this all monitor sites is SCAMs also!
The answer is simple- 
The program paid to the monitors, so the monitors show "PAYING"

To ask the user for a second deposit - only to unblock the first withrdawal request - it is an old trick from the admins. 
Hevhope that a few users are so hopefully to het back the money - and pay for them.

If you check the forums, so you can see only a few users who post withdrawals. Mostly paid posters.

Why You invest in such shit sites? 
I hope, your lession was not toooooo hard.


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