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Automatic Trading Robot for Poloniex and Bittrex
Hello to everyone I am Sibarita, in this opportunity I bring you a practical and comfortable tool to generate income in a passive way, doing trading in some exchange like Poloniex which is the one that I use (but it can be used in others) with a minimum amount and a return on investment between 0.5% and 5% daily.
Cryptohopper, is an automated robot that when used with any of our traders, it takes care of passively entering and exiting the market according to the configuration we choose. In this way Cryptohopper gives us the opportunity to make a profit without much effort.
Cryptohopper Features
It has external signals. They are the only ones that integrate professional external trading signals. When we configure them the Hopper automatically starts to compare the currencies and the signal they send in this way we get more profits.
It has an intuitive design. Its website has an extremely simple but elegant design that is easy to use and learn. And our Hopper works 24/7.
Your Community is Affectionate. We can communicate with other users through the forum and share settings and ideas. We will also have access to tutorials and support material.
It has multiple strategies. They design strategies to include them in our configurations for the strategy we need.
They have a Backtesting. This tool is useful to test strategies and configurations, so we will know what their performance is and if it is convenient for our investment.
They have Multiple Coins to Work With. Select up to 75 coins! Cryptohopper has an extensive catalogue of currencies for trading and investing in Cryptomoney.
With this company it is easy to learn and enjoy the trading of coins and coins.
We can read the performance reports, choose our strategy, configure and tell our cashier how much to invest per position, check our statistics, graphs for all currencies, read the forum, share ideas, watch the academy videos, read the tutorials and much more. Everything is easy, comfortable and fun!
Cryptohopper is a secure tool, since it works under our name with our trading company, according to the configurations and the amount we select using APIs, because this Bot does not have permission to withdraw the funds generated in traders only has permits to invest and generate profits for us.
Create an account and start earning today!
Cryptohopper works with the 4 most recognized companies in the currency trading market, these companies besides being popular are the best in terms of buying and selling currencies and with Cryptohopper we can work on each of them easily and securely.
The great thing about this company is that they want us all to experience this great tool. That's why they give us a free trial month of the Bunny plan, at the end of the trial month the plan is deactivated and we can choose the plan that best suits our needs.
Start your free trial month now!
Each plan has different features according to our need and demand, as they increase monthly price with improvements and unique features, the best plan operates more often and has access to the complete catalog of all the cryptomonedas to make trading, you can get more operations per minute and get many more profits.
Start your free trial month now!
If you want to use this incredible tool, don't hesitate to click on the link to start your free trial month and win.
If you use the link to register, please contact us and we will be happy to help you set up and clarify all your doubts, contact us by telegram to our private group.

[Image: H2aI1lq.png]
What you can imagine depends on what you know. - Daniel C. Dennett
Trading by robots has one big disadvantage. It cant avoid unpredictable movements even it has tons of backtests, because the time goes ahead.
What is the business here? The price of robot and commissions if any.
From my long time trading experience I can say the trading robot is not a good strategy since at the beginning of my trading at FreshForex I used more than 10 different robots but unfortunately, they did not work. Really sad.
Cupocoin it is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to start trading and investing in cryptocurrencies hassle-free. Trade with an advanced trading terminal, copy the trades of the best crypto traders with a transparent trading history. More information at the link:

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