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Rules to post threads
At the moment members can open threads in every category, just do it correctly.

Thread subject: name of the project - URL(without https tag)

1) Description:
Short text about main field of operation. It usually appears on the main page of the project.

2) Investment plans:
Please describe as much as you can, e.g. principal back option, cancellation fee, ROI, etc.

3) Accepted e-wallets:

4) Type of withdrawals:
(instant, manual, auto), time-frame for manual processing (FAQ), withdrawal fee

6) Referral system:
please describe every level, e.g. 10-5-2%
7) My active investment:
Show it! How can somebody offer something if the proposer isn't involved?
Batch number with asterisks isn't accepted. Sometimes we will verify and ban member who declared fake transaction. 

8) Show one banner if you wish (no reflink)
[Image: banner728.png]

9) Clear link: e.g.
Join with my link: - NO TRACKING LINKS or SHORT LINKS

You must place a clear link and you can highlight your referral link with bold effect below that.

* Do not use CAPITAL LETTERS to stand out, do not shout.
** If you have extra information, news, video or RCB offer - these things should be discussed below the official thread.
*** Third party insurance is not tolerable at ISA/ISAF due to nature of tricky hyip world. Threads & their openers will be deleted permanently.

All threads will be deleted which do not follow these rules.

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