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Declined projects
very useful explanation for both admins and investors
I declined not because it is bad. I like the site and long term plan as well. But when I checked the hired monitors, dejavu... Some admins are really crazy. Why giving 500$ investments for RCB monitors? Do they push the industry ahead or any good reason? I do not say that every admin must be "eco", but I can't agree with such luxury expenses mainly if the market is weak and investors have to cover the ROI for such monitors. This is my demonstration to show them the way if they understand me without reading this. 
#93 - should I accept this just to get bonuses? Of course NO, I never played this kind of game, just I am surprised why some admins think that I can say yes...
and the design? Smile
The very first hyip admin is back. But meanwhile 20 years have passed Smile
#96 was  declined. It is strange because I wanted to accept it - low ROI, just high daily earnings, but when I noticed that the admin is giving 300-500$ bucks as investments for RCB monitors, I changed my mind. The admin answered that it is normal amount. I think it isn't. When I told him that these rcb monitors do the same job for less and investors must cover the roi for those investment, guess the reaction... No reaction, so he was not able to say any normal reason, explanation of luxury expenses. What a pity, it should be a good game for 1-2 rounds. Do you like it?
any comment about House Rental International?
Not bad, maybe there is a chance to reach BEP, but I still do not think that the market is strong enough to allow for such projects operating with 5% or similar daily outflow...
But this is another topic, you know.
#99 - 100$ deposit bonus, I think it is not worth to talk about... - great template, unique script, but the admin is funny. I asked him about strategy, previous projects, job (maybe programmer?), and he said "im a noob. thats only want to win money.. Smile" Cool, but that's all...
Some "bonus projects" were declined, I won't name them. Some admins think that I accept everything for 100$ deposit bonus, this is unbelievable... - I do not feel the potential and the last random project was a fast scam, do you remember? - principal back-plans in such market circumstances is more than risky business, even the admin is great. I prefer to say no, but will follow this project.[url=][/url] - it seems like a fast project. "Lorem ipsum" text was visible on the rate-us page on first day, or check the about-us page: just a simple text. I told to admin that he should finish some pages first, but he asked "what you mean exactly", so I did not have more questions... Now it is on MNO, so good luck Wink

Oh, there was one more tricky guy, who wanted buy me with sharing 60% of results. It was about several fast scams in next days. Of course I said NO. When I told him that he should letting me know which projects exactly, he did not answer anymore. So be sure that this guy is dirty enough to scam everybody including me. Do not be worry, this is absolutely not my business style, such guys can't buy me. Just writing to know...

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