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Carbon7-reborn - the old admin? Or not. What is his goal?
So the game is definitely over, but it was clear last Friday. Early birds were able to make some profit, but the rest did not reach the break even point.
This admin is no more legendary mainly because other admins are able to manage hyips longer - check Bandeira for example, unbelievable lifetime, but even most of sleepers are having longer lifetime. Of course we can't compare the inflow in sleepers and C7r, but that is important just for admin, all we are watching our pockets - so the lifetime is the most important factor for us.
I am sure the admin thought he can repeat that success one more time - but with same project? (ok, the domain name is longer) and in such market circumstances?
No, he can't do miracle, just like most admins.
I never saw and still do not see any potential in copycat projects and C7r just confirmed it. Hope you agree.

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RE: Carbon7-reborn - the old admin? Or not. What is his goal? - by admin - 06-12-2017, 10:32 AM

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