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SCAM - Earnbtc4 - Bitcoin Earn
[Image: earn4btc.jpg]

What is Earn BTC 4 Fun ?

A Referral system related to "We Heart Bitcoin", Where you can invite members and earn commission depending on their level up to 5 levels.

Is it free to join ?

Yes and No ! you need to subscribe to withdraw your earnings, you can do it by either making a direct subscription using bitcoin, or from your earned commission.

Why do i need to use the same email as "We Heart Bitcoin" ?

We don't want to make this system a ponzi or a pyramid or any other illegal form of business, we require "We Heart Bitcoin" email to give you back the subscription cost as an advertising balance where you can advertise your links or websites.

You can still join and subscribe even without having a "We Heart Bitcoin" account.

Limits ?

You can have unlimited number of referrals.
You can withdraw your earnings whenever you have more than 0.0001 BTC.
We take 500 satoshi from every payment request as an administration fee.
Subscriptions are periodic.

Can i change my Username, Email or Bitcoin Address ?

That's a No, use details that are permanent.

When do i get my payment ?

We send payments in bulk, meaning that we gather a good number of withdrawals from our users and then process them all at once to reduce the fees we pay for the transaction.

What are the payments methods ?

As the name suggests, we ONLY accept and Pay via Bitcoin.

What's the point of this system ?

A monetization for our main website "We Heart Bitcoin" and a good way to earn easy Bitcoin from your referrals subscriptions, a referral system with benefits.

I have other questions, what should i do ?

We add common questions in this help page from time to time, you can request a support ticket if your question is not answered here.
* This page is being edited and the information above are for reference only, final version of this page will be published by the official launch.

The game is over. The monitors go to RED

Last check for this Program: Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Program status is NOT PAYING

Do NOT invest there now.

Moved to section Scams & Closed Programs


Regards from the building site Smile

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