Birthdays on 11-29-2023
celeryiron97, dancerchalk09, trailshelf9, malletwine11, marygalley2, cellarbeer51, virgoshop35, cocoabird5, okrakorean8, babiesbrandy7, bowpain3, latexbomber52, chivedollar2, bagelcarp54, golfcolor35, japanselect1, shrineton7, optionroom1, hockeyboy49, seatcoil0, ducknurse35, armbead63, bankeroboe3, shapespider95, soilbeer2, jumbopump09, facemeter65, flavorparty38, lambchess3, davidafrica4, singlespoon0, patiotennis2, lester94marquez

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Hyip forums aren't informative anymore, excluding I think we can reach the same level at our English community as well, and will overtake old and unusable forums like TG or DTM, etc. - of course just with your help. Everyone counts!

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