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SCAM - Ico-master -
The company provides a unique tool for working with our partners around the world, we are attracting capital into start-ups on the blockchain technology of new cryptocurrencies , and this allows us to purchase tokens at their initial stage of development.

Investment plans:

0.7-0.9% daily for 10-20 days, PB
4.1-4.3% daily for 30-35 days, PI
VIP 4.5% for 45-50 days

Accepted e-wallets: 
PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin (LTC, ETH)

Type of withdrawals:
manual - usually within few hours, no FAQ - no info

Referral system: 

Active investment:

[*]Debited:-100.00 USD
[*]Fee:No commission
[*]Sent::100.00 USD
[*]Note: Пополнение баланса

[Image: 728en.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:

So, the year 2017 goes away, and it remains a story in our hearts. Of course, for someone it was significant, for someone less memorable, but in our life and in the life of our company, it played a landmark role and gave start to our platform. Now we are smoothly moving into the new year 2018, the year of prospects and growth of not only every investor, partner, but also our entire multinational family. It was impossible not to notice, that the company ICO MASTER has set a course for stable growth and prosperity. We don’t pursue an aggressive policy of development and are not chasing for huge investments, understanding that the system should work for the investor and for the company as a whole. Of course, we’re focused on cooperation with various information resources on investment topics and on the subject of cryptocurrencies, so don’t be surprised, when you’ll see one or the other review on the most famous and  already beloved  by you Internet resources.

Dear leaders and authoritative partners of your structures, of course, you understand and know, that no company in the world will exist without your support and your patience, and concern for your partners. We hope that in the year 2018 we will together conquer the pinnacles of success and develop our company for the benefit of our partners. The beginning of work was chosen not in vain precisely during the pre-holiday period, when the investment market is on rest. Firstly, it contributes to the smooth development of the company and provides a springboard for long-term and high-quality development, and, most importantly, that it is beneficial to all. Secondly, the market clears at this season and provides an opportunity to prove yourself,  what we are doing with you. Thirdly, during this period it’s interesting to work with leaders and representatives on testing and attracting partners to our company. Here, perhaps, are the main prerogatives pursued by the company's management. 
Happy New Year, dear friends, partners, customers. We want to thank you for the trust you have shown. We wish, that our productive work bring even more results in the coming year, so that the year 2018 will bring new perspectives and opportunities. Success and prosperity in business and in your personal life! Let your homes have happiness, in your hearts will be love, and in our partnership - stability, trust, honesty, mutual understanding and good luck!

Sincerely, company ICO MASTER
ICO Master was upgraded from Normal to Premium listing. The insurance is active for 20 days again ($1.4k ADV) 4/Jan
ICO has stopped paying today completely. Dirty behavior after upgrading, thumbs down for admin...

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