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SCAM - Ambis -
AMBIS platform is represented by an official entity, registered in the state of Delaware, US, in March 2017. Company registration file number is 6358845. You can verify active registration by typing the file number in the official registry of the State of Delaware

The heart of the team is our CEO, Mr. BRADLEY GOUGH. He’s been dealing with Bitcoin & Blockchain since 2011 & his ideas have always been innovative & ahead of time. AmBIS start was planned by him back in 2010 when he attended a conference dedicated to new Blockchain startups. It’s since 2010 that he’s been working on the concept with 2 more developers, Jan Grunnis & Mike Pearson, who have coded the main product of today’s Ambis – the perfect Bitcoin trading bot – AmbisBot.
Other partners in the team are Jack Wonderbilt, Tim Hankins, Lara Copeman & Dennis Krongmann. They are responsible for marketing & finance & report directly to CEO. We’ll be expanding out team in the near future.

We believe AMBIS has a prefect solution for any Bitcoin investor who has no time to analyze the markets & make fast decisions based on the data that he receives. We have tested our software for 1 year & we know it’s working perfectly & is able to deliver the result no matter what.

Investment plans:
0.15-0.2% hourly forever. principal back anytime after 24h

Accepted e-wallets:
Bitcoin only

Type of withdrawals: instant
principal cancellation fee: 7%

Referral system: 5%

Active investment:
7/5/2017 10:01:44am
0.06020000 BTC
Address: 3DdyEnTw8CzCmHMGPNYT7UygYpH6VcL8zX
TX ID: 27c6cb0a11e572590637068693c0dac2870d125f9ea3adf73498faa8209de3d1

[Image: 728x90eng.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
Ambis seems like unstoppable and I really like instant payment and these notifications:

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And it seems this is the end. Waiting 48h for debugging was just a trick how to get more time without paying, just accepting deposits. I am moving Ambis to scam.

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