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Insurance reserve $19009
The insurance reserve becomes the main policy of ISA since the life in the hyip market is starting to be extremely dangerous, so even "trusted" admins can fail anytime. The insurance reserve is present to cover more losses if a fast scam appears and the basic insurance is not enough to cover all losses. If it happens, the insurance from the project will be increased by min. +50% from our reserve. This "limit" is necessary to keep the reserve available for longer.

normal listing: +50% (changed on 10/Mar/2018)
premium listing: +55%
reserved 5-star: +60%

Better by numbers?
premium listings are having 1400$ insurance - insurance reserve gives +770$ (55%)
reserved 5-star listings are having 2000$ insurance - insurance reserve gives +1200$ (60%)

Insurance reserve: $19009

If you would like to hear my opinion about the hyip market: 

There are tricky admins and different markets. The English market is so weak and the Russian is still good. So if we do not have data at the main RU sources, we can be surprised. Many times highly promoted hyips from RU can collapse surprisingly fast - if the admin gets good initial inflow and then it decreases in the next days. But this is still valid for every hyip. Just the main problem is, most of admins do not understand that they destroy this industry with their greed.

A hyip admin must get continuously growing inflow to keep the project alive for a long time. High peaks can make big pressure on him, so play with low amounts, just for fun.
*Of course there are more markets, but currently I do not see big influence from Japan or China even they loved BTC. Maybe in some local btc-only hyips.

List of fast scams with significant insurance reserve consumption: - slept for 9 months, upgraded to Premium and scammed in 5 days, 1546$ was used from our reserve (+110%) - bought Premium, scammed in 5 days, 700$ was used from our reserve (+50%) - Premium listing, monitored for 11 days, lifetime 12 days. 620$ IR was used from 770$ (+44%) - Premium listing, monitored for 6 days, lifetime 13 days. 770$ + 120$extra was used from our reserve (+63%) - R5 listing, monitored for 31 days, lifetime 31 days (ROI just 25%). 1171$ was used from our reserve (+58%) - Premium listing, scammed after 10 days after upgrading to premium. 510$ was used from our reserve (+36%) - Premium listing, scammed after 7 days, lifetime 21 days. 770$ was used from our reserve (+55%)

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