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SCAM - Bitpetite -
We provide secure money transfers over the Bitcoin network and make sure our clients' financial activity remains totally private.
Our mission is to help make Bitcoin digital cash. To accomplish this, we mix our customers' funds with our own and by doing so anonymize the former. Your finances pass through a chain of anonymous transactions and effectively become money without financial history.
We are always looking to expand our transaction volume, since the more funds we have in the system, the higher is the throughput capability of our service. Become our investor and make money with us!

Investment plans:
4.5% daily for 6 weeks
3.6% daily for 9 weeks
1% daily on weekends
minimal deposit: 10$/0.005BTC

Accepted e-wallets: Bitcoin-only

Type of withdrawals: instant, no fee

Referral system: 3 levels, max: 10-5-2%, starting at 3%
more info on "partners" page
12% for representatives

Active investment:
  • 6/4/2017 03:23:41pm0.06020000 BTCCompleteAddress: 1FYrxX4p12bRj6Xot2sVRZwXe8SCQMhLJPTX ID: 57f1f29c5f620db7c1529861f0dad494748a3ba824a6b4e96bf4ff8dc841bbd5
[Image: 728x90.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
Is this withdrawal limit new or I missed this detail in the beginning?

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(06-10-2017, 06:18 AM)admin Wrote: Is this withdrawal limit new or I missed this detail in the beginning?

I found it from my first attempt to withdraw...I made a BTC deposit and my limit is now around 13$. I was instantly paid a few minutes ago, but I needed 5 days to reach the limit after last time... Dodgy
What to say, not so investor-friendly limit. I think the admin is losing many small investors.
Good news, the insurance has been extended by 15 days.
May I say something not "politically correct" ? Let's make screenshots !
Yesterday there was a problem with logging in. When it was fixed we were able to withdraw instantly, except BTC.
I contacted the admin for more information, but no answer yet. BTC withdrawals are pending since yesterday.
I recommend to wait with new investment while the situation is not clear.

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Still no answer from admin, but new withdrawals are starting to be processed instantly.
After previous problems the admin decided to close the shop now. I hope you are in profit.

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