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SCAM - Daic -
DELUXE APARTMENT INVEST COMPANY means profitable investment in the purchase of premium apartments in residential complexes under construction.

Real estate is currently the most popular area for investment, in particular, the facilities located in the territory of developed countries belonging to the category of luxury. This is due to a systematic increase in cost, which annually reaches 15 percent. This becomes a guarantee of profitability with almost no risks. The trend covers all types of objects, both in the format of urban apartments, and in the form of small suburban estates.
Acquisition of real estate on the territory of a developed country guarantees not only a successful investment, but also confirms the status of a buyer in tandem with its prestige. This is topical for businesspersons and owners of large companies. It is worth considering the fact that the real-estate market is not as simple as it might seem initially. You need to be able to navigate through the proposals and know perfectly the English language. If there is not enough time and opportunity, it is recommended to obtain support of industry experts.
In most cases, elite real estate is acquired for the purpose of its further lease. The indigenous people expect everything in such a way that the credit received for square meters could be covered at cost of the tenants’ payments. At the same time, the rent covers not only monthly payments, but also brings, albeit small, but net income.
DELUXE APARTMENT INVEST COMPANY is engaged in investing in projects under construction with the purpose of further resale, ready-made premium-class premises intended for comfortable living of our clients.
One of the priority areas is the purchase of a castle. DELUXE APARTMENT INVEST COMPANY presents the material support necessary to maintain and support the buildings in optimal condition. These investments in real estate will make it possible to receive income by providing a part of the building for organizing excursions.
Significant differences in the cost of square meters can be found between certain areas. Even the buildings located nearby can have significant differences in value. A great role is played by the prestige level of the postal code. The national population is not always able to acquire housing due to its high price. According to the statistics, the cost of any object for a year might increase by 15 percent, which ensures the receipt of income in the case of sale of a newly purchased housing.
Buying property from us means manifesting yourself as a person with a high level of income. For many people, the real estate purchase with our help is not only profitable and convenient; it also increases your prestige. Trade in real estate never suffer losses, because many successful people want to invest their profit in real estate. During crisis, this desire only increases, as the real-estate market is the most stable. Apartments can be purchased in any style of architecture, from classic to modern. Variety reigns in the real estate area as well, you can buy a rather modest apartment in the attic, just like a real royal castle. Anyone can invest in housing. A successful and wealthy person must have a living space worthy of the status and meeting all the needs.
Investing in the purchase of residential projects under construction, in the reconstruction of finished non-residential premises, our company has achieved significant financial success. By attracting the funds of our partners, we give the opportunity to earn for the people with different incomes, just as developed companies and corporations do.

Investment plans:
4.4% for 44 days - principal included | 114% after 10 days - principal back

Accepted e-wallets:
Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Payeer, Advcash, Ethereum

Type of withdrawals: manual, max 24h

Referral system: 6%

Active investment:
Apr 27, 2017 18:03

[Image: 728x90.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
DAIC usually pays within minutes or an hour, but today I am waiting since the morning... Fingers crossed...
Silent on forums, I am moving DAIC to scam...

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