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Game closed - April 2017 - post your investment proofs here
Hello! Big Grin Big Grin

Program name: Bandeira Construction 
Username: d_loayza
Invest date: 30-Apr-2017
Invest sum: $10

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:
Screenshot 3:


Edited by Mod
Pictures / Deposits checked and confirmed.
All OK and well.
Accepted for the game.
The thread for the April-Game is closed now.

No new posts accepted.

Posts which do not comply with the rules are not accepted. You can read the justification in the post.

Now the random generator will decide.

I wish you luck.

This is the second day of May, so I can introduce the winners for April. This time the amount was not high due to weak season.

1) Bopyer               40$ (ISA - best investors in March)
2) kingpin              35$ (ISA - best investors in March)
3) Aleix                  30$ (ISAF - random pick) - tvorim-dobro 26/April
4) bobmorane       25$ (ISAF - random pick) - gamebet 1/April
5) vasanth             23$ (ISAF - random pick) - eveles 6/April
6) hyipguy             22$ (ISAF - random pick) - neonegro 16/April
7) Arik                   21$ (ISAF - random pick) - fresh-spring 25/April

ISA and ISAF usernames. This time I chose the best 2 registered investors and 5 random posts from the forum.


This month I shared just 196$ from unclaimed RCBs. I hope the next month will be better.

Please contact me via registered ISA & ISAF email address and let me know your e-wallet ID.
It can be any currency from frequently used wallets in the industry. 
I would like to see your feedback below this message as a confirmation that you were really paid. 
Enjoy the money and invest wisely!  See you next month, the thread for May is already opened.

*Please claim your prize within 3 days, in other case it will be moved to the new month.
Thank you very much for the prize, finally I get my luck Smile)
got extravaganza, thanks admin Smile Smile
Done, I got the prize at my PM account with the batch id 175048928, $21. Thank you so much ISA. Big Grin

I got the prize amount thanks admin
Thank you  Big Grin

April's prize received. Thanks admin!

Ops.. the price to pay for not active for past weeks. Won a $22 but didn't claim in 3 days time, lol. Anyway, big thanks to ISA for always rewarding the members. Anyway, it'll be recycled to next month, better luck next month, guys  Smile

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