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Game closed - March 2017 - post your investment proofs here
This is the first day of April, so I can introduce the winners for March:

1) xxx19980416     75$ (ISA - best investors in March)
2) Bopyer              60$ (ISA - best investors in March)
3) ykyrus               40
$ (ISAF - random pick) - Tree7 4/March
4) caronja             35$ (ISAF - random pick) - Rubi 28/March
5) nkhau94           30$ (ISAF - random pick) - Passiveloan 22/March
andredud          30$ (ISAF - random pick) - Passiveloan 14/March
7) mrkevin            30$ (ISAF - random pick) - Brain-impulse 9/March

ISA and ISAF usernames. This time I chose the best 2 registered investors and 5 random posts from the forum.


This month I shared 300$ from unclaimed RCBs. I hope the next month will be even better!

Please contact me via registered ISA & ISAF email address and let me know your e-wallet ID.
It can be any currency from frequently used wallets in the industry. 
I would like to see your feedback below this message as a confirmation that you were really paid. 
Enjoy the money and invest wisely!  See you next month, the thread for April is already opened.

*Please claim your prize within 3 days, in other case it will be moved to the new month.
Thank Admin !
Thank you admin I received my prize ! Smile

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Prize payment proof.


Andreina Dudamel

Prize payment proof.

Hello all,

Thanks admin,

My proof prize


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