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Declined projects was declined as well, despite the fact that there is a chance to buy Normal position without insurance almost for every admin, but the style of communication suggested to say no. You can read our email communication.
By the way I do not like cartoon theme and a sign of aggressivity, but there is a chance to earn if the admin has good intention (questionable).

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I didnt get mail notifications last weeks. I thought nothing news here... now I am checking them ?
Just subscribe again  - choose the right option below the text field when you write a message.
crypto-trader was declined today. It was a sleeper for a long time and now it has high roi after-plans. Here we can get min. 3% after one day and 5% referral commission. I think such outflow can make the project unstable...
The situation in market is strange. Few excellent projects and mass of garbage.
Reply - the project is not bad, but the admin bought super luxury listings on rcb monitors, which is bad strategy - if somebody asks me. This is why I did not allow Premium listing with insurance, but offered Normal listing. The admin asked about listing purchase via BTC, but I said that I prefer USD if possible . No answer and no action since this point. I do not say that it is bad project, but something is suspicious here if we follow his actions. 
Reply is a typical tricky site where the admin pays 1$ for paying status to monitors. You can check them Wink
I never accepted such sites and never will even the market is in catastrophic condition. asked me how fast can it be listed in Normal category. I answered him, but this question is not the correct one which has to be asked, if the admin is serious. I did not get answer, but then he contacted me in all possible ways. Something is wrong here. Btw all investment plans are marked as "after", but there is one hourly and one daily plan. So if the admin cant name his own stuffs correctly, how can he manage a hyip at all?

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