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Declined projects
(03-24-2019, 11:35 PM)TheWall Wrote: The Bittera admin was so "angry" about your listing denial that he is SCAM two days later.

So our feeling was right and ISA should only be a bring-money-machine.


Wow, shocking turn. At least now we know his real "qualities".
The following 2 projects were not listed due to communication failure: - I asked the admin how will he ensure growing inflow, I also saw that the hired rcb monitors have weak result. I did not get reply even if the admin said earlier that he is interested in premium listing. Fail. - I have bad experience with agro-hyips. This one has just principal-back daily and crazy after-plans. Moreover, the main currency is USD, no info about the conversion rate in the faq, so I offered just Normal listing - no answer. - interesting project, but the admin wanted to offer just a gift deposit, without listing fee, so we were not able to deal...

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