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Declined projects
Message from "We only want a listing on your site, we can give you $0.2 daily, ok?"
I do not reply for such mails, but what a shame that some admins offer 20 cents to steal hundreds, or more... 

By the way the project in my previous message is scam already Wink
Reply has been rejected. I think the communication is one of most important things and if the admin writes just few words while I am writing paragraphs then I do not feel his qualities. Hope you understand me.
This admin asked for R5 listing with this question: "whats the options?"

My answer: "Hello,
the project seems to be good, but you hired the most expensive monitors already, so buying R5 listing here is absolutely not necessary. Keep in mind that investors have to cover the ROI for expensive monitors. Also, R5 listing requires 2k$ insurance for 20 days at least or more/longer if you have better offer. Another part of insurance story - I increase the given insurance by 60% from my reserve, so the reason must be serious. I also would like to hear your strategy in this case.
My opinion:
I do not like that you have representative program, bounties in the beginning - how will you ensure further growth if everything is available since the start?
It is cool to see that you offer jobs, but it is not serious offer comparing to main page, which is just trendy but doesnt reach the level when you can offer jobs.
One more thing, I do not have good experience when MNO, DN and my monitor were hired, so I can recommend just Normal listing, where are no questions asked. It requires just 200$ investment and 200$ listing fee. If you agree, follow this link:xxx"

He: "How much refs you have for WLS, Ocean3?"

Me: "I checked both sites, no summary like in Goldcoders script, but pages only.
But if you were able to reply just one question; 2 questions in total, then I say that I do not need your project here. Good luck."

So, what do you say? Do you like such admins or am I wrong? 
And what a pity, the actress in their video is rare beauty Smile
Reply was declined several days ago, when the admin tried to buy premium listing with insurance.
We can see this after registration:
Representatives and referral contest in the beginning. It seems the admin does not like to have continuously growing inflow, just high initial wave.
The site was created fast, I do not feel that the admin is prepared nor interested in running this project for several months.
I offered just normal listing, but he hasn't answered me, so now he can't get any listing here. was declined as well. I do not understand why does the admin (or any coadmin from them) need me since they bought several listings on many hyip monitors. Weenzee looks really promising, but giving principals back on expiry is dangerous game, mainly now - when the 60-days investment plans will expire soon.
Good listings require insurance here, but additionally I also cover my referrals from Reserve fund, so I must think twice which deal can be fruitful, and without insurance event. Unfortunately weenzee is dangerous even if it is popular. 

By the way I offered banner advertisement instead listing, but I did not get answer, so if they can't get good listing, then they do not need visibility. Interesting thinking, mainly because they were who came to me.

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