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Declined projects
I was contacted by the cheapest admin ever. was declined. The admin wanted 728" lifetime banner, best listing, posting on forums daily and deleting bad votes continuously. His offer was unbelievable - 0.1$ daily. I thought no admin exists with such low qualities. This admin does shame for hyip industry. These admins and helping monitors have to be totally ignored and eliminated to keep next hyips playable.
I forgot to say that was declined few days ago and now it seems to be problematic due to deposit bonuses...
This project is having as many domains as many currencies. This is absolutely not userfriendly structure in 2018. It was good when BTC was new currency, but now it is nonsense. I know that GC scripts can have just one main currency, this is why the admin chose this way which is cheaper than a custom made script... But if you scroll down to "milestones" and if you see those empty trees, you will feel that the designer (or admin?) isnt on the top of the business.
Another project offering deposit bonus for monitoring...
Sure, I accepted this Wink
Reply was declined. When I registered, I started to get frequent newsletters from admin and not just in English. I also found lot of typos in text/faq. The admin wanted to get insured listing, but I offered just Normal listing, but then rejected completely. At the moment I applied spam filter for Spyderfinance...

For I did not reply at all. Here is their message: "we don't give any bonuses, most of the monitors who work with us invested by thier own money our admin chose your monitor to give him a bonus of $25 to start working with us please if you accept the offer you must send me the code of your monitor after adding us.
This offer is not under negotiate please accept it or refuse." is almost the same, but stranger... See the attachment bought Incubator listing, but when I saw that the admin trying to claim 1300+ days of lifetime and accept any amount of deposit with 3% refcom, it was clear that it is fake sleeper, so his listing wasn't activated. Of course there were more such fake sleepers, but this one is the trickiest...

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Reply was declined. Principal back on expiration, lie. No admin can give back the principal after a month if the net profit is min. 150%. So the date of scam is known. Shame for those monitors who accepted this cheap attempt. 
Reply wanted to buy a listing with insurance, but nowadays I do not allow such position for a hyip with principal-back plans. I guess you agree when it will scam most probably Wink  I allowed just Normal listing, then the admin agreed. Nothing happened till now, so Estatein has been disqualified because I do not like if an admin breaks promises. - tried to buy good listing here, but when I checked the hired monitors and saw 2k investment at hyipexplorer (+ mno), I said no. I hate such super luxury investments. Monitors do the same job for less money, and if investors must cover the ROI for super expensive listings, it is not fair at all.
Let's follow these two... I was in doubt to deposit or not because both look interesting, but now no need... to doubt. Btw, coin bought most expensive listing in EN... strange...

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