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The game is over - RULES for monthly prize game
Rules for monthly prize game - extravaganza Smile

Every month a part of not claimed RCB is shared with 7 lucky investors. 

If you would like to participate in our extravaganza, follow these rules:

1. The project must be listed on Instantscamalert – so your upline is ISA.
2. Balance reinvestments do not count, you have to deposit from external e-wallet.
3. The post must be created within 3 days after the deposit, but within the actual month.
4. The minimum invested amount should be 10$ at least.
5. If you flood the forum with creating several mini deposits per project, can have the opposite effect - I am as fair as you.

* You can create new post for each investment to have better chance to win. Incomplete posts are not accepted. Moderators can leave a message in your post that it is OK or you should complete the missing information within 24 hours.


Structure of posts:
1) Program name:
2) Username:
3) Invest date:
4) Invested amount:
3 screenshots:

- dashboard where your deposit and username are visible
- external deposit proof - batch/hash number
- upline

You can hide your e-wallet ID on screenshots if you wish.


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