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PROBLEM - Versus-battle -
Rap battle is a culture and art-movement becoming more and more popular. It includes several art styles and musical genres. The situation has changed and it is the most exciting shows today. Versus battle it is POPULAR, EFFECTIVE, MAKING PROFIT.
Versus battle is associated with new rap and new poetry. It is often called as «a philosophy fight». Initially it was an ordinary young people meeting. But today it is a great project drawing high attention to different audience. It is talked about. Versus battle brings a great income to creators, participants, and partners.
Versus Battle is two emcees battle against each other without a beat, trading prewritten verses in three-round battles. They do not use microphones and background music. Major weapon are pre-readied insult and boasting content or improvisation (freestyle). Every rappers word is sharp as a Samurai sword. Round time is between 60 seconds and 3 minutes. As more punchlines (insult phrases) as more chances to win. We create battles not only in London but around the world.
Making profit with Versus Battle is going fast, all investors deposits are paid for!
Versus Battles partners are often the banks and financial companies. They run different competitions such as «Visit Versus free», ad its services and banking cards. Some of them issue the limited Versus Battle banking cards. Owners of the cards can get cash back in cinema, theatres, bars, restaurants etc. They are often presented promotional gifts with corporate trademarks.

Investment plans:
2% daily for 12 days, principal-back
inv. range: 10-250$ when I am writing this

Accepted e-wallets: 

Type of withdrawals:
manually, max. 24h
min. withdrawals: 0.1$, 0.02ETH, 0.001BTC

Referral system: 
10-500$ = 3% referral commission

Active investment:
Upgrade and reinvestment: The amount of 100 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U2625028->U16972062.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. ajax_cashin.. Date: 09:08 03.02.19. Batch: 245188560.

[Image: lg_en.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link: 
Some referral commissions, instant withdrawal:

The amount of 66.7 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16972062->U2625028.
Memo: API Payment. Invoice , instant.. Date: 11:25 04.02.19. Batch: 245305473.
The admin said me yesterday that hackers tried to steal money, so he disabled withdrawing. I thought he enabled again since I were able to withdraw instantly yesterday, except btc. I hope he will answer me soon. By the way the faq says "as soon as possible", within 24h.
At the moment the project has been moved to OnHold section, do not invest till the situation is not clear.

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