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WARNING / CLOSED - ElveGold - Online game wich pays real money
ElvenGold is new generation game project where you can make money from home and around the world!

The project is developed by competent programmers and experienced designers, thus you have an efficient, and most important - Fair game with unlimited possibilities for making money while playing.

This project is online more than 6 months at the moment and never missed the payment, I have checked all monitors (well, most of them, it is impossible to check them all) and on all of them this project is paying.

Check out their statistics:

Payment processors are:

Payeer, PerfectMoney, VIsa/Mastercard, Qiwi and crypto ( you can deposit BTC LTC on payeer and pay with it )

Technical aspect:

This project is indeed special and unique because you really play a game (building your city) and every building you have built and afterwards upgraded it earns you money indefinitely, so we could say that ROI is unlimited, even dough I have calculated that if you for example invest 100$ or 10$ and you purchase (build) basic buildings, you will earn around 15% per month forever , sounds nice, right!?
They have DDoS protection as well

Registration is FREE and as a welcome bonus every member gets 50 Rubles which is around 1$ for which you can purchase and build your first building on a map. Which will earn you money ( coins which you can sell for real money)

So, you can start for FREE and see do you like it or not without any investment, I tried it and liked it, so I have invested around 3000Rubles which is around 47$ and if I wish to start withdrawing I would have around 8$ per month which is around 15% of my investment forever.

Proof of investments:

Direct link:
My referral link:

My withdrawals so far:


When you are registered and confirmed email, 
please check out " HOW TO PLAY"

My fourth withdrawal
New withdrawal 
my sixth withdrawal
In order you to withdraw your earnings which we have got by registering ( 50 rubles around 1$) we have to have one active referral or we have to deposit 100 rubles. Nobody is giving money for free, That bonus is only a welcome bonus for start, so members can try this game by building a first house. 
Like you can see I have deposited alittle bit above 3000 rubles which is around 47$ 

Please read F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) 

my eighth withdrawal 
Do not join here, it has a catch. On begining it is not visible, only when you reach around 30% of your deposit in withdrawals. Then, Somekind of Purple bowl pos up and say how much you can withdraw, and that is around 40% of your deposit + 15% of your referrals deposits. So do not join here it is not a scam but it is not honest as well.

check out screenshots, do not join here Smile

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