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Santa Fable -
Hello forum Members, Friends! Represent a high-interest project continuing the Christmas mood 
project start: 13.01.2019 
I am not the admin/Creator of the project. 
the topic is not a call for any action and is created for the purpose of familiarization. 

[Image: 468en.gif]


about the Project!

Quote:More than ten years ago in the Netherlands, our company began its activity as a small enterprise for the manufacture of handmade Christmas toys. In spite of the fact that toys were made a little, because of their high quality toys always had demand and were appreciated among consumers. A decade later, our company has become larger and has become a large-scale company, while not losing the quality of products. Its range is distributed throughout Europe and CIS countries.

Our Christmas decorations are not just in great demand and popularity, they are appreciated for the quality and unique appearance. Despite the fact that our company has become large and the basis of production are toys made on automated conveyors, we still, as before, adhere to the quality and uniqueness, and our toys have not lost these qualities. Moreover, in addition to industrial production, we make toys specifically for the order, using manual blowing, of all shapes and sizes. To do this, we employ professional glass blowers and talented artists who, at the request of the customer from a piece of glass and paints can create a masterpiece of Christmas decorations.

Christmas toys and decorations are not just beautiful products, it is a symbol of the most popular holiday in the world, which everyone loves to celebrate with the family. These are things that are designed to create a festive atmosphere and comfort, filling our hearts with warmth and kindness. Without them, the New Year would not have been so beloved and festive. These should be the new year's toys and that's what we always try to do them.

Today, the production of Christmas toys is undoubtedly a very promising activity and, despite the fact that the need for them appears only in the new year holidays, this business is still developing. Accordingly, investment also has its place in this area, because there are great prospects for this.

Marketing Project!

within 3 days 
$ 10 - $ 300
accruing each day, the body at the end

within 5 days 
$25 - $ 1500
accruing each day, the body at maturity 

within 7 days 
$ 30- $ 5500
accruing each day, the body at the end

within 10 days 
$ 40 - $7000
accruing each day, the body at the end

after 15 days 
$50 - $ 15000
the Deposit and accrued at the end of the period

after 25 days 
$ 70 - $ 17000
the Deposit and accrued at the end of the period

do not forget to register wallets in the "payment Details"

Payment Systems!

PM , bitcoin ,
Payeer, Ethereum

Payment Regulations!

manual payments, up to 24 hours.



Referral program!!!

3% - 0.7% - 0.2% Affiliate program 
5%-1.2% -0.5% Executive program

Output Minimum!



contact form, phone:+31 70 710 5182 

NS1.COVER-DNS.NET (has 208 domains)
NS2.COVER-DNS.NET (has 208 domains)
Created on 2018-12-09
Expires 2019-12-09
Updated 2018-12-09
Licensed H-Script
[Image: 468en.gif]

Quote:Date : 01/13/2019 12:58
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 242591177
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 168
Payment ID : 168
Hash : c29e837188a2794b35f82b8033c650d4

Date : 01/13/2019 17:32
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : 3.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 242615434
Memo : API Payment. Invoice 171
Hash : 2d609fecbe4dbae429ec15fdd7f45b8c
Quote:Date : 01/14/2019 14:05
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]2.20[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Currency : USD
Batch : 242702478
Memo : API Payment. Invoice 188
Hash : cdc34f155f69c605873bcf2bb0552c54

Date : 01/15/2019 14:07
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : 2.20
Currency : USD
Batch : 242817293
Memo : API Payment. Invoice 324
Hash : 09531b3dac598b1b0f263b7c8434c201

Date : 01/16/2019 13:20
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : 102.20
Currency : USD
Batch : 242928592
Memo : API Payment. Invoice 553
Hash : 1d9c1501660aaee3de85fed5936c849f

Date : 01/16/2019 13:24
From/To Account : U15606487
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 242929022
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 557
Payment ID : 557
Hash : a8bb1d6fb5fb8d377e0dc1061aa8f6ed

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