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All links for images are from trusted  and popular platform

YourSmartProfit is online more than 2 years check out their domain info here.

Even dough this program is based on PTC-Matrix advertising platform they offer Trading Pro package(HYIP).

This programs offers only long term plan

35% for 12 months with principal included. Overall, after 12 months investors get 420% ROI.

That means that investors are in profit after 3 months .

Investment plans
  • 25$ → 10$ per month for 12 months, ROI 420% after a year

  • 250$ → 100$ per month for 12 months, ROI 420% after one year

Before members can purchase packages they have to purchase Membership which is 3$.

Maybe this is not important for majority of HIYP “players” but with every purchased package member gets a position in one of theirs matrices. It is called matrix 5 or matrix 50 iit depends which package you have bought and after it is cycled you get 5$ or 50$ it depends which package you have purchased. This is not important but it is nice.

Membership as well gives you a position in matrix, like I said it is not important but is nice.

I have included all expenses when I said that ROI is 35% per month (withdrawal fees around 2%-3% + repurchase balanse 10% are deducted, so  around35% is pure cash >>> if someone wants to calculate more accurate ROI  it can because I have provided in this thread  my monthly withdrawals)

Technical part

Admin uses Proxscript licensed script (SSL certificate, SiteLock and Code Guard) 

They are very active on Facebook.

The fastest support is in their Facebook group, so If you any questions, you should ask their. They approve all post and “tricky” question, only SPAMMERS are blocked.

Payment Systems

Investors can only deposit/ purchase trading packages via Bitcoin (Coinpayments)

Check out their rating on Coinpayments, click here

You can follow their live cash outs on their website , click here.

My deposit is 510$ check out the proof of payment.

Proof from Coinpayments, click here

Proof from YourSmartProfit that they recieved my payment, click here

Like you can see in proofs, I have deposited 29th Sptember 2018 and I had 2 payouts.

Withdrawal rules

Members can withdraw their earnings after 30 days and 2 hours from their time of deposit, so you can expect from me every 30th day of month proof of payment.

Type of withdrawals: Manual.

Waiting period: No more than one day but official statement is 48h >> I never waited more than 12h

Proof from site, click here

Email proof:
a) click here
b) click here

BTC wallet proof:                    "All links for images are from trusted  and popular platform"
a) click here
b) click here

You noticed a significant difference between two recieved payments First one is when BTC was higher and the second one is when BTC significantly  dropped.
 This is a great way to accumulate more BTC while it is dropping and when it starts to raise again we all will earn even more if we keep it.

Referral commission

Referral commission is 5 level deep but through matrix matching bonuses ---> nothing interesting for HYIP community.

If you have questions, concerns regarding this program, do not hesitate to ask.

Clear link:
Here is my referral link

Thank you for reading

This program is online since 2016 and it definitely deserves more attention than it has. I am aware that majority of people is not comfortable with waiting to cash out once a month because most HYIPs offers daily cash out only to attract more investors. I will stick with this stable program.
Good article from there FB page
This is my payment for December. Tnx YSP. I like it

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Payment for December 

One attachment is email proof and the second is proof from my wallet. 

If you decide to join please contact me for short tutorial Smile 

Maybe it would be great if I write here, in comments a tutorial!?

Alright, in next comment I will write short tutorial Smile

Here is a short tutorial:

1.) Upgrade your account by purchasing memebership (3$) Click here for image
- all images in this post are from trusted and popular platform called
2) Make deposit by clicking on add funds and choose as payment method CoinPayments like on this images:

3) After your deposit came trough (you know that depends on BTC miners, but it should be around half an hour) you can proceed by purchasing your positions like on these images: 

You can purchase on position at the time, which means, if you want to purchaae 5 or 10 positions you have to do it one by one, check out the image:

And that is all, you are set for passive earning. You can withdraw your profit after 30days and 2hours since you purchased positions.

You should definitely join to their official FB group and forums.

FB page:

FB group:

I am here to answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Payment for January 


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