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Mizes -

The company has built a mining center using the latest equipment and technology which allows it to make mining profitable in any situation on the market of crypto currency trading. You can forget about the unsuccessful experience of mining and earn on mining of crypto currencies without problems and trouble. It's time to cooperate with real professionals of business.
Mizes company mine only promising crypto currencies, monitors all leading pools 24 hours a day and selects the most profitable of them at the moment of time. Also Mizes uses the latest technology to optimize energy consumption of equipment, provides a wide choice of mining of any of the 9 crypto currencies using Scrypt, SHA-256 and ETHASH algorithms.
Cooperating with us you independently distribute the percentage of power between crypto currencies in accordance with the chosen mining algorithm. The whole process of the functioning of our farm is open to you in the "Live" section. You can follow the work of your equipment at any time convenient for you. MIZES company makes mining really profitable.

Investment plans:
1.4~3% daily forever, 20MH/s welcome bonus (~3$)

Accepted e-wallets: 
PM, PY, BTC, LTC, ETH, Doge, etc

Type of withdrawals:
manual, max 48 hours 
withdrawal limits: Ethereum 0.025, Ethereum Classic 0.5, Bitcoin 0.001, Bitcoin Cash 0.01, Peercoin 3, Litecoin 0.1, Namecoin 5, Syscoin 50, Dogecoin 1000, USD 2. Minimum deposit amount:Ethereum 0.025, Ethereum Classic 0.5, Bitcoin 0.001, Bitcoin Cash 0.015, Peercoin 5, Litecoin 0.1, Namecoin 10, Syscoin 50, Dogecoin 1000, USD 5.
no wd fee

Referral system: 

Active investment:
The amount of 250 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U2625028->U17788281.
Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. instant.. Date: 18:31 08.11.18. Batch: 235291396.

[Image: mizes728x90.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
Mizes seems to be problematic because the admin does not want to solve in issue with logging in for one of his investors.
This investor recorded a video that a module of password reset works, but when he tries to log in with new password, the script says, no account found.
I wanted to help in this case, but the admin preferred to stop answering, so I can just warn others that it is not the right place to invest anymore.
Paid within 8 hours:
A deposit of 0.00444400 BTC has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet. The deposit was received on 3LzGmDcDyZ5VqHsfPNBdCjhvB3gYU1NoC6 with transaction ID 36dc62b226ec6421cd31d7ee481db261a707c568a5ed78e79319c66213e4fcfe.

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