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CLOSED - Forex Signals
I have been using a service who is giving me forex signals every day.Have to say its working.The way it works he gives us the signals on a private chat channel in discord we have and all we have to do is place them in the broker.The best part is it does not cost us nothing,only registering on the affiliate broker links our signal provider has affiliation with.Also have to disclose i am romanian and he is romanian but it is no problem as we also have an english chat and most of us know english so we can understand each other no problem.The page is called VortexzSignals on facebook.
So i will post some proof of transactions.I have not been active in some time and just recently have taken a more  ''active'' role in placing signals.
This is last week statistic:
My all time statistic (one month plus something )
A  recent payment proof .
Also have to say it takes a while to make money,place signals,and you have to be PATIENT to draw the line at the end of the month.We lose some,we win some,the majority of time we are on profit but there can be negative months (have not been untill now).
For questions,etc please direct them here and i will try to answer all.
Any news in this thread?
An actually withdraw?

The thread is outdated since much months

Thread closed and moved to the section CLOSED.



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