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Rightrise -
Our company with private capital controls speed limits on the roads of public use across the UK with the most modern technical equipment. Despite the very high fines stipulated in the UK for speeding - the number of speeding violations is growing every year, because of the continuing growth in the number of cars. we are helping to control the situation on the road by recording with sophisticated radar all violations related to excessive speed. Having signed a contract with the state we are receiving compensation in amount of 40% of the total amount of fines.
Great Britain is a country with one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. Here is held constant reconstruction of existing roads as well as annually construction of new highways and roads which can improve transport logistics and increase the economic benefit from the use of vehicles in all areas of the UK economy.

Investment plans:
1~3% daily forever, no principal back option

Accepted e-wallets:
just Payeer and Bitcoin at the moment

Type of withdrawals:
Payeer - instant withdrawals
Bitcoin - manual, within few hours
Minimal withdrawal: 1USD | 0.005BTC | 100RUB

Referral system: 4-level:10-5-2-1%
Representatives earn 25-5-2-1% once they reached all requirements
Active investment:
Date: 25.10.2016 00:25:45 (UTC+3)
Payment date: 25.10.2016 00:26:24 (UTC+3)
Recipient: Right Rise LTD /
Comments: Payment of 300.00 $ from instant
Order ID: 3953
Payeer ID: 31632775
Payment system: Payeer
Amount: 302.88 USD

[Image: 728en.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
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I'm in since Today, bought one share. And they accept AdvCash as well now  Tongue


Advanced Cash Payment System has been added 30/10/2016
Ladies and Gentlemen!
After spending a small survey among loyal investors, we found that at the moment the most desirable of the payment systems - is the Advanced Cash.
It was decided that this payment system should be the next in line. Today we are finally ready to add it.
We are planing to add all payment systems descending by popularity in the nearest feature.
Higher BTC withdrawal, instant payment as usual!

12/5/2016 04:38:10am TXID: c344ba016265a222e2046a4758d3961a76d171d40e247d29acdae89430fc1e81 0.20480000 BTC 2/2 Complete
I have 3 shares and they have been paying good for the last month.
I reinvested few times so the withdrawals are getting higher...

The amount of 15 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U13413868->U2625028. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal for instant from Right Rise LTD.. Date: 07:20 31.12.16. Batch: 158642621.

Date: 31.12.2016 10:00:52
ID: 281767743
Details: P47396562 → P3731649
Amount: 59.34 $
Comment: Withdrawal for instant from Right Rise LTD

A deposit of 0.39819000 BTC has been received and confirmed into your CoinPayments Wallet. The deposit was received on 1G9KvKsKquhzAU9Nk5dr1hBMtQ5G8PHJqN with transaction ID f93ee42352c57d61d19c9d353fe9c633381275ba8b305bcf3b1b5001868d655f.

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