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ICO - Ponzi Trust -
I'm not admin or owner here!


Presale ended: 19.03.18
ICO date: 20.03.18 - 15.05.18
ICO start price: 0.001 ETH
ICO end price: 0.005 ETH
Current Token price in USD: 1 PT = 3.58 USD
Token symbol: PT
Token Standard: ERC-20
Total Tokens: 100,000,000
Accepted Currencies: ETH

Project Overview

Ponzi Trust is a first decentralized crypto pyramid using smart contracts stored and executed in an Ethereum blockchain.
The rules of its functioning are unchanged and are written in the blockchain.
The source code of smart contracts is available at the links below:

You can see the latest information at any time at, by typing in the search bar: Ponzi (smart contract number: 0xc2807533832807bf15898778d8a108405e9edfb1).

The main difference and advantage over other similar projects is that the owners can not steal your money, because all the funds depositors are stored on a common account, to which access no one has.

What Are the Advantages of Smart Contracts?

Put differently, smart contract are program that execute specified instructions so that defined conditions were met.
The terms and conditions of the contracts are fully visible and accessible to all.
The smart contracts use the highest level of data encryption currently available.
Ponzi Trust smart contract cannot be destroyed. No selfdestruct function.
There is no way the company can affect payments.
95% of ETH goes to the game's smart contract for further payments to the participants of the pyramid (administrators have no access to them under the unchangeable terms and conditions of the smart contract).
Only 5% goes to the project promotion by the administrators.

Ponzi Trust Game

The game will start on May 16, 2018.
Purchase Ponzi tokens for ETH only.

Here is an example of how to make a profit on investment:

You invested 1,000 Ponzi coins at the first level of Ponzi Trust game. At the first level of Ponzi Trust game, an interest rate of 5 % per day is provided to all participants. Your investment strategy involves minimization of risks, and you decide to invest money for 20 days. When exiting the game, you will receive: 1,000 + 5 % for each day, including the compound interest (for 20 days it amounts to 1,653.29 coins) minus 10 % (commission for deposit withdrawal). Total: 1,000 +1,653.29-265.33 = 2,387.96 of Ponzi coins.

With each new level, the interest rate will decrease as follow:

The first level is 5 %, the second level is 4 %, the third level is 3 %, the 4th level is 2 %, the 5th level is 1 %, the 6th level is 0.9 %, the 7th level is 0.8 %, ... the 14th level is 0.1 %, all the subsequent levels are 0.1 % per day.

When does the next level begin?

Lack of funds at the general account results in termination of the game and transition of the smart contract of Ponzi Trust game to a new level. 
The transition to a new level involves zeroing of all deposits and prohibition of any transactions relating to the Game: input/output, etc., for any users for a period of 168 hours. 
In each game there will be losers and winners. The winner takes the money of the one who did not have time.
Smile The game is fully transparent and fair.

Listing on Exchanges

On the exchanges, the token will be listed, as planned with the full duration of the ICO - on July 12, 2018. Simultaneously, the creation of the PonziTrust Exchange is finishing - it starts working in the TEST version before June 1, 2018. It will be possible to sell / buy Ponzi tokens (PT), at the beginning in pair with ETH, futher with other cryptocurrencies.

My Invest:

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Referral comission: 10%
Accepted currencies: ETH


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