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CLOSED - PennyPays
Hello Guys, this is an Hugest Business made 
by Mike Dodd, it is better than the first one. 
It is Amazing let you see on the main webpage , 
there are unlimited earnings !!

The Plan
1.Upgrade and participate in the World's Best Paying Matrix Program!
Earnings Potential with 1 Referral: $19,244.80 Per Month!
Earnings Potential with 2 Referrals: $28,867.20 Per Month! 

2.Or, Earn (or Post) in our Exclusive "Share and Earn" Program!
Share posts and earn every day! Even our FREE members can earn!

What is the Matrix Earnings?
You make earnings on ALL Active Members on each of the Levels of the 2 x 14 Matrix below you each month.
That is called the Matrix Earnings. You earn $0.20 for each member in the matrix below you on levels 1 through 6. 
You earn $0.25 on members in the matrix below you on levels 7 through 11. You earn $0.30 on members in the matrix 
below you on levels 12 through 14. (There is also a 100% Matching Pay - of these earnings - on each of your Personal Referrals.)

How does the 100% Matching Bonus work?
You match 100% of the Matrix Earnings that all of your Personally Referred members earn.
You will be paid 100% (matching) of everything that all of your referrals earn as Matrix Earnings.
This is only applied the earnings in the Matrix Commissions (and does not apply to the Share and Earn Commissions).

Accept currency 
   Direct mail, in the form of a check , Paypal, Payza or SolidTrustPay 

Language Eng 


My actually investnment
System Payza
Outgoing 10/7/2016 10:59:56 AM Subscription Payment To
Completed $9.95 USD
Major Announcement:
As you know, we have built the software for the
Share and Earn Program.
We have it built already and are working to install it now.
"""We Just Got Approved, Last Friday, To Be Integrated With!!!"""
We could have done it without integrating with Facebook, but,
we needed to be integrated for some of the Best Features of the
Share and Earn Program!!!
They APPROVED Our Integrated Section Of Our Software!!!!
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! THAT IS BIG!!!
Now, there is no limit to what we can do using our
Share and Earn Program!
We are working to finish the installation now. It will take us a bit
longer. We hope to have the work finished late this week or
sometime next week. Standby.....
Because of the dynamics of our software and what we can
do now, this will be one of the biggest projects on the internet!
We are Excited! Get Excited!
Hey Team,

Get Qualified!

Get Qualified Now!

Get Qualified Now for Sharing!

Get Qualified Now!

Get Qualified!

Now you can qualify for the Sharing in the 
Share and Earn Program!

Its Available for All Members, Free and Paid Members.
Just log in and go to the Sharing and follow that steps there.

The Share and Earn Program is being installed 
now and for the time we want for you to become 
qualified for Sharing! (Get qualified if you want to 
Earn by Sharing!)

This will also give us a good idea of what to expect.

The rest of the program will be ready for our 
advertisers on (or before) November 15th, 2016.
Nov. 15th is hte scheduled Launch Date for the 
Share and Earn Program.

More to come soon....
-- >
***Breaking News***
We have turned on the Share and Earn Program!!!
It has been on for about 24 hours now! We have a Winner!

More Breaking News!
We, over the next 2 to 4 weeks, will be adding MORE!
We plan to add YouTube and Twitter to the
Share and Earn Program also!

Now, we have Share orders that coming in now. If you have
qualified your Facebook for Earning on the Shares you
have to give it time for the number of shares to build up.
As more and more people get Shares, there will be more
Shares for everyone!

This is the message from the programmers about 12 hours ago....
"Hey Everyone! After we launched, we found that
there are a few bugs and we are currently working on it.
Most of the complaints on the first day were that the
("your") Facebook account is not old enough to be verified.
We are very sorry for that and our team is working to fix this issue.
We will be working on it throughout the day today.
Once it is fixed we will let you know! Keep following our
Developer Page and make sure you pass on the updates to
your teams."
...So, if you encounter any sort of difficulty, let us know.

Next: Keep in mind that it is Brand New and we are already getting
Shares purchased. It will take time to get enough for everyone.
Remember, it is a brand new system, it has just been turned on
and this is an entirely brand new concept.

Be patient as we create a New System in Advertising that can
change the world of online advertising from now on.

Thanks Everyone!

-- >
Last check : Friday, 06 January 2017

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No activity in the last 6 weeks.

Moved to section Scams & Closed Programs


Regards from the building site Smile

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