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SCAM - AdpackPro
    the new advertising platform from Switzerland
AdpackPro an advertising platform and the principle is quite well known. Members who want to act either private or Business, you will buy advertising packages and earn thereby passively money. It is also advantageous that own advertising can be programmed to bring his own business further progress or to promote third-party products. If no own advertising will be connected or there should be no products to apply, on AdpackPro preconfigured advertising before.

In AdpackPro maximum of 3000 advertising packages can be bought, called Adpacks. From these sales each authorized person is given by the revenue share commissions, generating a passive income.
AdpackPro was established by the company OneVision Holding AG, which is known from the portals Job Booster and Internet Academy Europe. The company OneVision Holding AG is a stock corporation (AG), headquartered in Switzerland, which specializes in the increased visibility of search engine optimized text and advertising services.
  • Start the provider on 6/12/2015

  • Advertising platform from Switzerland

  • Registration for free

  • German and English user interface

  • German / English Support
    The task
    • 10 times Advertisement click every 24 hours

    • own advertising switch (not mandatory)
  • Advertise
    • Profit Pack costs 25 Euro
    • Generate per Profit Pack 30 euros (revenue share arising from the pool commission)
    • Maximum 3000 Adpacks (advertising packages)
    • earn money every 30 minutes
  •  Partner advertise (commissions)
    • 1st level: 11 percent
    • 2nd level: 7 percent
  •  memberships
    • 7 different memberships (upgradeable at any time)
    • Partnership „affiliate“ for free up to 10 advertising packages
  •  particularities
    • Turn text advertising / Banner Advertising
    • Switching of video advertising
    • Rotator (automatic application of social media channels)
    • proper account for purchases and payments
    • 2 payout per calendar month to a verified bank account for free (from the third payment 10 Euros in charges)
  • Which brings me AdpackPro?
    • increase visitor numbers and traffic your website
    • increase sales of their own or other products (affiliate products)
    • passive income
  • How do I earn with AdpackPro moneyNumber of ways to make money with AdpackPro: 3# 1 – Money off by advertising
    • text Advertising
      • Cost: 4.50 euros / 10,000 insertions / 100 guaranteed clicks
    • banner Advertising
      • Cost: 4.50 euros / 10,000 insertions / 100 guaranteed clicks (formats 125 x 125, 468 x 60, 728 x 90)
    • video Advertising
      • Costs 69,00 Euro / display at login by Member

By placement of advertising in AdpackPro You can use your budget more targeted and raise your heel with possibilities of wastage. The advertising opportunities are available in the form of banner ads, text ads and video ads. By guaranteed CTR of 100 visitors, an increase in the visibility and also the sale of products that are offered regardless of whether own products or third party products, to be increased. AdpackPro may be another online marketing provider for goal achievement.
# 2 – revenue sharing through commissions from the transactions

By purchasing advertising packages or Adpacks, are as mentioned as AdpackPro you can as mentioned above Advertisement. The Adpacks itself but you also get revenue share from the pool commissions, must be switched without the advertising, or if suitable products currently for applying should not be present, Adpackpro accepts displaying preconfigured advertising.

The adpack (advertising package)
  • The cost per one adpack amount to 25 euros and earns 30 euros. Earnings per adpack 5 Euro.

  • A adpack includes 10,000 guaranteed ad impressions and 100 clicks guaranteed on the connected advertising.

  • Every 30 minutes is paid a share of sales and is visible account.
Once the adpack generated 30 Euro, it runs out, it no longer takes from this point part in the pool distribution and also earns no money for it.
The Maximum Adpacks amounts to 3000 pieces are entitled to purchase each member. That would Converted an investment of 75,000 euros (25 € 3000 times Adpacks) and a total of 90,000 generate (€ 30 times 3000 Adpacks) – So a gain of EUR 15,000 per cycle. The sales fluctuations should be taken into account in payouts, these are the different heights. Quite normal for a company, regardless of where is this.
Your task

To be entitled to revenue at the pool distribution, you have to once every 24 hours 10 times View Advertising and these also confirm a time and again displayed code. It is you leave when or at what time the advertisement is clicked, only should this happen again and again in the 24 hours after you’ve looked at times the last advertising. That is the date on which the Countdown begins to count down again. Can be clicked once no advertising during the 24 hours expires revenue sharing, that is, at this time, no further dividend paid to the advertising has been viewed and confirmed completely (10 times). From this point, each packet is entitled turnover again and adopts the dividends be automatically entered in the system. Thus, you’ll also applied to the pool distribution the next day
On average, an advertising display between 10 and 30 seconds is displayed, so that the clicking of advertisements for the average takes 7 minutes except you appears interesting advertising that is appealing to you … then you are naturally longer busy
# 3 – partner commissions

By application of AdpackPro obtained commissions per member, which has registered under its Partner Link. Here is a revenue sharing in a maximum of 2 levels is possible with different percentage holdings.

  1. Level includes 11% to the turnover of partners

  2. Level includes 7% on the turnover of partners
You get in the different memberships that are always paid your membership for a year in advance, a different amount of advertising points (except for the starting package affiliate). To test ApackPro, is automatically assigned the package Affiliate at account opening but which confers no advertising points in this job. The Hero package is the largest membership package and entitles the maximum number (3000 + 24000 Adpacks advertising points) to acquire or implement.
Payment – deposit and withdrawal at AdpackPro

paying out
bank account
Bank Transfer

Bank accounts must be verified at AdpackPro before cashing out.
To a person verification and bank account verification following legible documents are required.
  • Color copy of a valid Ausweißdokumentes (Personalaußweis or passport)
  • an account statement less than three months. (The amounts which may be connected defaced when required)

Payments can be transferred for free in the month on the verified bank account 2 times. From the third time 10 euros handling fee. Should any of your withdrawals have been intended that OneVision VIP card is required, which gives it shortly of AdpackPro.
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I forgot to put the payments

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last payment

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last payment

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hello, last payment

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Program status is NOT PAYING

Do NOT invest there now.

Moved to section Scams & Closed Programs


Regards from the building site Smile

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