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PROBLEM - MediumPlatformCoin -
MEDIUM PLATFORM COIN LTD is a reliable partner in the field of investments, thanks to which, everyone can earn additional funds. We offer profitable investment conditions for experienced and wealthy partners and newcomers ready to invest a minimum amount. At the same time, each investor is given equal rights, but the profit is accrued according to the chosen investment plan. Investing with us is a reliable way to get rich.

Investment plans:
2% daily for 7 days, 2.5% for 14, 3% for 2, 3.5% for 28 days, 4% for 35 days - depending on invested amount
principal back on expiry
min. deposit: 10$ (main currency $, live BTC rate is used)

Accepted e-wallets: 

Type of withdrawals:
instant, no other info in FAQ
min. withdrawal: 0.2 USD / 0.0005 BTC

Referral system: 
Three levels: 4-2-1%

Active investment:
Transaction ID:6265d21b-12be-44ac-8423-5ae7aa70ceb9
Debited:-110.00 USD
Fee:No commission
Sent:110.00 USD

[Image: 728eng.gif]

Clear link:
Join with my referral link:
MediumPlatformCoin has purchased Normal listing on 23/Feb. The insurance is active for 15 days. Source currency: 900$ ADV.
Please note, normal listings have just 100$ coverage per investor.

Insurance rules:
Insurance reserve:
It seems the admin is not interested to increase the original insurance even my referrals invested 3.5k in the first day. This is why I am disabling RCB for MPC.
Usually it is not happy ending, but fingers crossed.
Finally, the admin increased the insurance by 600$ ADV, now we have 1.5k in total. Not big amount, but better than 900$.
Get paid by MediumPlatformCoin.

[Image: logo.png]
+ 0.19 USD
Date: 01.03.2018 22:08:58
ID: 505186336
Details: P798***** → P857*****
Amount: 0.19 USD
Comment: Withdraw to michnix from
PM, ADV wds are just "saved"...

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