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Bitcoin.cpucap - Every 4 Second 5 Satoshi - Automatic
- How Working ?:

Enter Bitcoin Wallet.

Dashboard "Run Terminel" Click.

Not: Terminal Working - After SAVE - Again Dashboard "Run Terminal"

Earning as long as the computer open

Free Bitcoin

Every 4 Second 5 Satoshi

24 Hours  108000 Satoshi

Minimum Withdraw Lim.: 0.1 BTC

 It can take 1-3 weeks to complete the payments.

Hello, I m in this program too, but do you know anyone who got paid
I read in blogues nobody ever got money and they change there adress every time?
For me the offer too much to us. If you calculate well they promise up to 0.1 Ethereum in 1 - 2 month.
Who will pay us about 100 US for doing nothing.
If I m wrong we will get rich    Michael Cool

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