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Game closed - September 2016 - post your proofs here
The thread for the September-Game is closed now.

No new posts accepted. 

The thread is now adjusted.

Posts that do not comply with the rules will be deleted.

Then the random generator will decide.

I wish you luck.

This is the first day of October, so I can introduce the winners for September:

1) Bauwen (Lara) $50 - the biggest unregistered investor
2) Ecoboost (ISA) $41 - the biggest registered investor
3) TjiaAnthony (ISAF) $35 - random pick
4) nkhau (ISAF) $30 - random pick
5) gyergyaiz (ISAF) $25 - random pick
6) Maahi010585 (ISAF) $20 - random pick
7) jotaeme (ISAF) $20 -random pick


This month I shared just 20% (221$) from unclaimed RCBs, next month I am going to share 25%!

Please contact me personally and let me know your wallet IDs. It can be any currency from frequently used wallets in the industry. 
I would like to see your feedback below this message with confirmation that you were really paid. I do not just talk, but take actions [Image: smile.png]
Enjoy the money and invest wisely!  See you next month, the thread for September is already opened.

*Please claim your prize within 3 days, in other case it will be moved to the new game.
Payment of $41 received last night.
Thanks, ISA Admin, for creating a true investor-oriented monitor.
Thumbs up & keep improving your performance.
ISA is #1  Cool

A Payment has been received into your bitcoin wallet.
1Mz9PXvdGjmBynkr64KMqHZ3KqCATbt8GU 0.06681493 BTC
Received my payment $30 from September ISA game prize. Thanks admin for keeping ISA Monitor so attracting and amazing Smile
02.10.16 08:16 Receive Received Payment 30.00 USD from account U2625028 to account U3109431. Batch: 148743858. Memo: ISA - September - 4th place - 30$
Won 1st Prize !! Thanks ISA Admin !! Received my $50

Received bitcoin
+0.08176195 BTC
Bitcoin address
Transaction confirmed
6 confirmations

12:20AM — October 2, 2016COMPLETE
10.02.16 09:41 Account Receive +20.00 Received Payment 20.00 USD from account U2625028 to account U11704505. Batch: 148750550. Memo: ISA - September - 6th place - 20$

WOW! Won 20 bucks and already got them!

Thanks ISA, keep the great job! Big Grin

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